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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Union County Dem chair DeFilippo will have to face accuser in court

UCIA Executive Director Charlotte DeFilippo
is also Chair of the Union County Democrats.

Union County Improvement Authority executive director
Charlotte DeFilippo, who is also Union County Dem chair will have to facer her accuser in court, according to CountyWatchers.

A county employee, forced to retire in lieu of termination, has won the right to have the case heard.

CountyWatchers previously reported on the case--
On May 3, 2007 another case was filed in the Superior Court Union County (docket # UNN-L-1592-07) against the Freeholder Board, George Devanney the County Manager, Elizabeth Genevich the Deputy County Mngr. and Dir of Admin Services, Alfred Faella the Dir. Of Economic Development and Charlotte DeFilippo the Dir. Of the UC Improvement Authority and Chairman of the UC Democratic Committee; in both their official and individual capacities.

It appears that an employee of 18 yrs, R.T., is claiming that he was forced to retire in lieu of termination. It must be noted that R. T. is age 61 and disabled so he is considered a member of a number of protected classes under NJ law against discrimination.

Particulars of the DeFilippo portion of the complaint allege --
[R.T.] claims to have not been given work assignments and harassed in other discriminatory ways [including] being referred to as the “man with the crooked face” by DeFilippo. RT suffers facial paralysis as the result of brain surgery.

RT also asserts that Devanney and DeFilippo leaned on one of his immediate supervisors, with DeFilippo summoning that individual to her home in Hillside on what she called “County Business”. The business, it turned out, was a discussion of his, the supervisor's, loyalty to R.T.

The suit also makes mention that the meeting [at DeFilippo's home] was not unusual and it had been at previous meetings that she often directed county hiring and firings and what consultants to use within the county.

Stay tuned.

CountyWatchers is here.

-- Dan Damon

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