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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

UCIA asbestos caper should worry Plainfielders

Johns-Manville was once the nation's leading supplier
of asbestos-containing building materials.

Should Plainfielders worry about the corner-cutting practices of its designated redevelopment agency, the Union County Improvement Authority?

Yesterday's Ledger carried a story of UCIA exec Charlotte DeFilippo's blithe dismissal of concerns that there was asbestos in buildings being knocked down in Linden in preparation for its Transit Village.

According to DeFilipppo --
the state inspector found "a tiny particle of asbestos" in some glue attached to part of the roofing material in the corner of one building.
'Not airborne,' she said, by way of dismissal.

Nevertheless, DeFilippo ignored a stop-work order, though she did invite them to inspect the site.
"I was not going to waste taxpayer money having the contractors stand around," she [said].
The project has had many delays, which Mayor Richard Gerbounka attributed in part to differences with a developer.

In Plainfield, we have seen the way the UCIA works with the Park-Madison office complex -- many of whose completion items remain unfinished.

Some compare DeFilippo's style to that of a smash-and-grab artist rather than a neurosurgeon.

Should this caper worry Plainfielders?

What do you think?

Ledger - 7/17/2008: "Asbestos complaint at Linden demolition"

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

We have 7 city council people in Plainfield. Why are they not dealing with the UCIA's refusal to live up to the terms of the agreement for the county office building? Why is the county ignoring the terms. The answer is because they can. The council let them be the redevelopment authority for several other projects. What if they ignore the rules and build more substandard buildings and someone gets hurt? How much money will the city have to put out in lawsuits?Cory Storch and Linda Carter are up for re-election. Why vote for them when they are not being accountable. Harold Gibson works for the county and Rayland Van Blake will soon be the freeholder from Plainfield. Rashid Burney personally promised people that he would look into all the financial dealings with the county and he hasn't. Don Davis has been silent. Elliot Simmons has never said a word. Jerry Green has been silent as well. When will the temporary certificate of occupancy be lifted. This is shameful.