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Monday, July 16, 2007

A Plainfield update by Mayor Robinson-Briggs

Plainfield residents will be delighted at Mayor Robinson-Briggs' overview ("Shopping, condo projects moving forward in Plainfield") of projects and progress since her term started in January 2006, the fruit of an edit board visit last week.

Though the Administration still seems to be confused about the difference between REDEVELOPMENT and DEVELOPMENT projects, four projects are listed -- Teppers II, Historic North Avenue, the Supermarket proposal, and the Senior Center/condos project.

REDEVELOPMENT and DEVELOPMENT projects can be thought of as the same in the same way that 'shemales' and 'females' are the same, if you want a politically incorrect image.

The difference being that no REDEVELOPMENT PLAN was needed for the Senior Center, the property for which was assembled by the City under the late Mayor Al McWilliams.

The mayor was somewhat disingenuous in describing the nonforum forum recently held, where participants did NOT get a chance to ask questions from the floor, which is what REAL forums are all about --

During the session, residents could question city officials directly on the development plans poised to transform existing streetscapes.

"We were trying to add a personal touch," Robinson-Briggs said. "We wanted to let the community know we want them included in the projects. This is their city."

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would give that a 1.

Perhaps the most bittersweet part of the story is the list of eight other progress items Mayor Robinson-Briggs cites.

EACH of these items is worthy of a story in its own right, but nothing has ever appeared.

Is it because her deep-bench communications staff won't do press releases, or she won't let them file them in a timely fashion?

Enquiring readers want to know.

Courier - 7/16/2007:
"Shopping, condo projects moving forward in Plainfield".

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Redevelopment development such is the question What is the Mayor doing to stop the hemmorraging of
For Sale signs that have flooded this City? I guess she is "moving forward" alone, yet we are the other residents moving forward to
homelessness.Can't blame it on the bust. This should be a more
stable community. Warning:
My opinions are candid and can be