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Monday, July 30, 2007

Lodi trailer park residents trash town's redevelopment grab

As a sign the Supreme Court's Paulsboro ruling is going to dramatically shape the future of redevelopment projects in the state, consider the low- and fixed-income residents of the Costa Trailer Court on busy Route 46 in Lodi.

As redevelopment gains speed in Plainfield, concerned property owners may draw some comfort from this David v.Goliath story.

The Lodi residents, some of whom have lived in the trailer park for 40 years, have been engaged in a four-year battle over a proposal to replace their homes with a gated 250-unit senior housing complex with 112,000 square feet of retail space.

The ruling holds that the town "built too weak a case in declaring the properties blighted," according to a recent Ledger story, and leaves the door open for the town to modify its redevelopment plan.

However, the story, continues, the town evidently does have the stomach for any more. [Read more here...]

Star-Ledger - 7/25/2007: "Lodi trailer park residents beat back eminent domain"
-- Archived here.