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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Plainfield 1967: Remembering, Discussing

Armored personnel carrier at 4th & Watchung, July, 1967. (AP)

Riot? Civil disturbance? Newark historian Clement Price argues what you call the events of 1967 depends on where you were.

Tonight, Plainfielders are invited to a discussion on the events in Plainfield that began 40 years ago today. That discussion is being organized by the People's Organization for Progress and will feature Linward Augurs Cathcart, lifelong Plainfield resident -- a community activist from that point to this.

Though all of us live with the effects of the events of 1967 on our community, almost half (approximately 45%) were born since then and have no firsthand experience. Many who are old enough did not live in Plainfield during those fateful days.

As those who remember and/or participated in the events of 1967 begin to pass from the scene, it is all the more important to capture the stories of what Plainfield was like then and how people saw the events which engulfed them. And that is why tonight's meeting is important.

Over the next few days, I will take up that time in more detail.

"40 years later, did the rebellion help us or hurt us?"
A Discussion Sponsored By
People's Organization for Progress

Tonight, 7: 00 PM.

Friends Meetinghouse
225 Watchung Avenue

All are welcome.

-- Dan Damon