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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Corzine and Rove -- Separated at Birth?

Gov. Jon Corzine

Bush adviser Karl Rove

So now we learn that Corzine conducts state business on a campaign email account.

Today's Ledger carries the story, brought to light by GOP inquiries surrounding Corzine's emails to ex-gal pal Carla Katz during the state's contract negotiations --
Corzine acknowledged in court documents filed late Monday in Mercer County that he and his chief of staff, Tom Shea, used private campaign e-mail accounts as well as public state e-mail accounts to communicate with labor leader Carla Katz during negotiations over a new state worker contract earlier this year.
It is specifically NOT illegal to use private email for the conduct of public business in New Jersey, but state GOP chair Tom Wilson is concerned about the maintenance of these public records, which exist on private servers.

The governor sees it differently --
[T]he governor filed papers Monday arguing that the messages on both accounts are either private or are protected from public disclo sure by executive privilege.
The situation is analogous to that of George Bush's close adviser, Karl Rove, an unknown number of whose emails in the conduct of official business have vanished. His boss is also busy claiming 'executive privilege'.

Legal or illegal, you'd think Corzine would appreciate the old remark about Caesar's wife.

Ledger: "Corzine questioned on use of campaign e-mail accounts"
-- Dan Damon

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