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Monday, July 16, 2007

Being Plainfield's 'King Jerry' has its pluses and minuses

King Jerry as Louis XIV, the 'Sun King',
With apologies to Hyacinthe Rigaud.
(Click on image to enlarge to 7x10.)

If you missed the Courier's HUGE profile of Assemblyman Jerry Green (
"King of the Queen City") yesterday, you WILL want to go read it.

Congratulations to the Assemblyman. As I said to him recently, "You are at the top of your game." It's true.

But being 'King Jerry' has both its pluses and minuses.

On the plus side, there is finally recognition that the wily politician has shinnied to the top of the greased pole.

Here he is folks, King Of The Hill.

On the minus side, 'King Jerry' now becomes responsible for everything that goes wrong as well as anything that goes right with Plainfield from now on out.

And, like any Oscar aspirant who snags a 'Lifetime Achievement Award', the recipient has to wonder if the hidden message is they're being told it's time to move on.

Courier - 7/15/2007: "King of the Queen City" -- and archived story.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

I always thought the taxpayers were the proletarians of the Plainfield ruling class but I have been corrected. We are the peasants. Take heed, we have been officially notified that there is no longer a democracy in Plainfield but a monarchy. King Green has been crowned! All hail the King. He can do no wrong. Until we ,the peasants have to pay for it.

Signed, anonymous peasant.

We don’t want to upset the King

Anonymous said...

After reading the Courier's fluff piece on Jerry Green, I was wondering just how slow it gets in the newsroom during the summer. I also wondered why the Courier is writing such a one-sided soft story without speaking to anyone who was even slightly critical of Green's motives and methods. The comments by Burney don't count, since he decided to trade in his moral compass back when he participated in one of Jerry Green's sham loyalty tests by voting no confidence in freeholder Adrian Mapp at a public meeting in 2005 after Mapp and his family worked hard to support Burney's candidacy and contributed to his eventual election. There was no critical commentary at all. Only comments by Joe Roberts who brought in a truckload of money from South Jersey to support Mayor Sharon's election and by Charlotte DeFillippo who tells Green what to do and how to think, much in the same way that Jerry controls Mayor Sharon. Interesting sidelight is that Joe Roberts represents District 5, the same district represented by Wayne Bryant, the currently under indictment senator.