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Friday, February 28, 2014

Jerry Green and CD12: Between a rock and a hard place?

Is Senator Lesniak putting the Assemblyman between a rock and a hard place?

Plainfield's Democratic chair Assemblyman Jerry Green is finding himself between a rock and a hard place in the continuing drama of which candidate to endorse for the seat of departing Congressman Rush Holt.

After his first response last week to the news, in which he indicated he himself might be interested in the seat, Green has stayed out of the spotlight -- even as the Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset county segments of the district have stepped up to endorse their favorites.

Green's silence and the possibility now that he may even move the Union County Dems convention to March 12 (a week later than earlier reported) are putting the focus on him.

And this morning, in a story on PolitickerNJ, comes word that State Sen. Ray Lesniak is weighing in on the process (see story here). Lesniak, whom some say began to covet the Union County Dem chairmanship when he lost out on the state chair designation, will have nothing to do with Mercer County Assemblyman Bonnie Watson Coleman.

Seems there is bad blood there from last year's struggle over the state chair seat -- with Watson Coleman backing Dem gubernatorial candidate Barbara Buono on her choice. Traditionally, the candidate picks the chair and everyone lines up behind the choice. But last year was complicated by the fact that though the big cats were chary of taking on Christie and were happy to let Buono be a sacrificial lamb, they certainly didn't want her acting like she was entitled to the perks of a 'real' candidate. Hence the spat with Lesniak (and others).

The PolitickerNJ story quotes Lesniak as saying 'it's Jerry Green's decision'.

That may well be true, but those who have observed Union County politics for any length of time know that assertions of independence will face consequences. And the new election of county committee members (and a chairperson) is already on the horizon.

Meanwhile, Plainfield mayor Adrian Mapp's decision to endorse Watson Coleman in the contest leaves him a winner regardless of the outcome. If Watson Coleman gets the nod and succeeds Holt, Plainfield will have a friend in Congress. If she doesn't, she will still be a power in the Assembly as head of an important committee -- and will still be a friend to Plainfield.

The difference between the costs to Green and to Mapp reminds me of the old story about having ham and eggs for breakfast: the contributions of the hen and the porker are not of the same sort.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Plainfield Donut Shop hits the big Time(s)

Mayor Mapp picked the location over the Donut Shop for his
campaign billboard because it was one of the busiest corners.
Plainfield's Donut Shop, home to the only artisanal doughnuts in the Queen City, hit the big Time(s) this past Sunday. Good for them!

I opened an online story on doughnuts because it intrigued me, but didn't get around to reading it until Wednesday night, after a Plainfield Today reader whose weekly Friday routine includes picking up a sack of these tasty treats for her workmates on the way in to her job called it to my attention. You can read the full article here.

It is a survey of artisan-made (as opposed to those industrial ones from a certain national chain) doughnuts in New Jersey.

And, lo and behold, down in the story is a review of Tom and Maria's Plainfield Donut Shop, a landmark hole-in-the-wall familiar to and beloved by Plainfield foodies since forever.

Though the shop is open weekdays and Saturdays until about 4:00 PM, the good stuff is usually pretty much gone by noon-time.

I used to hit it when I made my early morning run for the dead-tree version of the newspapers, about 6:30 or so, and the place was always jumping with take-out donut customers standing near the front door and every stool (there are 7) full of hungry, mostly construction workers getting a ham-and-egg sandwich and coffee for breakfast. All being served with a smile by Tom's wife Maria, who whisks non-stop all morning filling the orders.

The fact that the reporter only mentions Tom and their son George suggests that she got there after the breakfast rush, when Maria gets to go home.

We can only hope the shop gets a big lift from the story. (When I lived in NYC in the early 70s, Ray's, the neighborhood pizza shop was written up in the Times and the crowds became nonstop afterwards.)

And it all just goes to prove that you don't have to be shiny and new to be a gem.

Now, get on over there and check out the jelly doughnuts!

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Mapp's Watson Coleman endorsement complicates CD12 race

Mayor Adrian Mapp has endorsed Asw Bonnie Watson Coleman
in the 12 Congressional District primary race.

Plainfield mayor Adrian Mapp's endorsement of Assemblywoman Bonnie Watson Coleman has added a new layer of complication to an already convoluted situation in the race for Rush Holt's Congressional seat.

Mapp endorsed Watson Coleman in a statement released Tuesday which made headlines statewide (PolitickerNJ here; Courier here; Ledger here).

In a long, thoughtful article on this morning's PolitickerNJ (see here), editor Max Pizarro links both Mapp and Plainfield Assemblyman Jerry Green to the Byzantine politics of Trenton and Mercer County.

The link is provided by Plainfield's Director of Public Works and Urban Development, Eric Jackson, who is a favored candidate in a field that is vying to replace recently-convicted and now jail-bound Trenton mayor Tony Mack.

The question of who Jackson will support occupies much of Pizarro's piece, but a careful read shows that Assemblyman Jerry Green also has a key role.

Green, who has yet to weigh in on whether he will throw his support to Watson Coleman or Middlesex County State Senator Linda Greenstein has been upstaged by Mapp's move.

Observers have been watching Green carefully as he has many aspects to juggle.

In the first place, he is chair of both the Plainfield and Union County Democratic committees. The other Union County towns in CD12 (Fanwood and Scotch Plains) will get a chance to weigh in when Green holds a meeting -- said to be slated for March 5 -- to make a decision.

As Mayor Mapp noted in his endorsement, Watson Coleman has some history and existing relationships with Plainfield. That, plus her strong stands on issues familiar to urban communities like Plainfield (guns and gun violence, jobs and fair wages, and education) make Watson Coleman an obvious choice.

It also did not escape Mapp's attention that, like himself, Watson Coleman was a strong supporter of Barbara Buono in last year's gubernatorial race.

While these two strengths should also appeal to Assemblyman Green, his situation includes yet another wrinkle: his Assembly District (LD22) also includes two Middlesex County communities (Dunellen and Middlesex boroughs) and he must maintain good relations with the powers-that-be in our neighboring county.

If Green was hoping to escape a knuckle-biter, Mapp's move has banished that pleasant thought.

Green may yet be the 'Queenmaker' (as I suggested Monday), but not without some pushing and shoving.

I hope you'll read the Pizarro article (here), it's well worth the time.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Delta Day in Union County

The Union County Courthouse is an Elizabeth landmark.
Plainfield members of the Delta Sigma Theta sorority (the 'Deltas') will be spending a day on Thursday familiarizing themselves with the operations of Union County and its Freeholder Board, as well as attending a Freeholder meeting to raise concerns about the members' communities.

The day, which gets under way at 3:00 PM Thursday at the Union County Administration Building, brings together members of two of the sorority's chapters in this area -- Central Jersey Alumnae Chapter and North Jersey Alumnae Chapter -- in a series of meetings with Union County officials, including the County Manager, top County officials, the Prosecutor's Office, the Public Safety Office, and Health and Human Services.

After a dinner break, the day will conclude with members attending a public meeting of the Board of Chosen Freeholders. Although the day's sessions are closed to the public, all are invited to attend the Freeholder meeting.

The Union County Administration Complex is at 10 Elizabethtown Plaza in Elizabeth. The program begins at 3:00 PM and the Freeholder meeting is scheduled for 7:00 PM.

  -- Dan Damon [follow]

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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The Chippery sails again in Fanwood

New digs, new look, but the same old soul-satisfying fish and seafood.

Plainfield's favorite fish shack is open again.

Even if it's not in Plainfield, the Chippery on South Avenue in Fanwood was always packed with Queen City residents indulging their cravings for fried fish and seafood, served with 'chips' and real British malt vinegar to give just the right tang!

On a trip over to my Allstate broker recently, I discovered that the long-abandoned 'shack' had been rebuilt completely and reborn as the Seafare Chippery. Same old menu and friendly service with a great new and attractive space -- including a spotless modern restroom! Prices have gone up a bit, but consider that it was closed for several years and everything else has gone up in the meanwhile also.

The new Seafare Chippery is at the same old location, 383 South Avenue. You can call ahead for takeout: (908) 288-7741 or visit them online at, where you can view the complete menu and prices. Note: they also now cater.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Jerry Green: Queenmaker?

The Plainfield-Fanwood-Scotch Plains tail may yet wag the dog.
Plainfield's Assemblyman Jerry Green may indeed make the tail wag the dog in the process of finding a Democratic primary candidate to replace Congressman Rush Holt, who has decided not to run for re-election (see my previous post here).

When Holt's news first broke, Assemblyman Green modestly announced that he was interested in the seat, along with a number of other potential candidates.

But the contest quickly shook out over the next day or two to a three-way contest between Bonnie Watson Coleman, whose home base is Mercer County; Linda Greenstein, the nice Jewish girl formerly from Brooklyn and now from Middlesex County; and Upendra Chivukula, who has shown an interest in Congress for years, but whose district is split between (mostly) Middlesex and Somerset (Franklin Twp. and Manville) counties.

Over the weekend, Greenstein picked up the Middlesex County Dem endorsement, which pretty much leaves Chivukula in the dust.

With Middlesex and Mercer county Dem primary voters nearly on a par, Jerry Green's three Union County towns in the CD12 district -- Plainfield, Fanwood and Scotch Plains -- look to hold the hammer.

The Union County Dems will convene on March 5 to name their choice. Looks like Jerry Green will be able to add 'Queenmaker' to his list of titles.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Olddoc


-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Indira Bailey documentary at Drake House today

'The Market', a painting from Indira Bailey's
Fulbright-funded Moroccan study.

Plainfield's Drake House Museum will conclude its Black History Month programming this afternoon with the second part of artist Indira Bailey's exhibit.

Indira will be showing her first documentary series entitled 'The Art of Morocco: East Meets West: Islamic, Judaic and Western Influences in Morocco', based on her Fulbright Fellowship to that fascinating country.

Indira traveled throughout the country researching and studying the art of the Moroccan communities. Ms. Bailey sharesthis cultural experience with you as she travels through Morocco’s capital Rabat, Ouarzazate, Essaouira, Skoura Oasis, Fez, Marrakech, Tangiers and other historical landmarks.

Indira also traveled to Volubilis, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Argon Women’s Cooperative, visited a Berber family in the Sahara Desert and watched the Gnawa perform West African traditional song and dance.

This documentary is rich with the music, history, and art of North Africa.

The event gets under way at 2:00 PM this afternoon. Refreshments will be served. The Drake House Museum at 602 West Front Street (at the foot of Plainfield Avenue) is open to the public Sunday afternoons from 2:00 - 4:00 PM, and at other times by appointment. For more information, call (908) 755-5831 or visit the website at

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Friday, February 21, 2014

Saturday: Underground Railroad in Union County; PAHS fundraiser

Harriet Tubman, herself a fugitive, aided more than three hundred
slave to escape by way of the Underground Railroad.

Saturday offers two great opportunities for Plainfielders to break the cabin fever that this winter's cold and snow has brought on.

Underground Railroad, More at the Library
Continuing its Black History Month programming, the Friends of the Plainfield Public Library (FOPPL) offer a free program Saturday afternoon that focuses on the history of the Underground Railroad in Union County. The program will run from Noon to 3:00 PM.

Dr. Sarah F. Ducksworth will present an overview of the role played by anti-slavery activists and religious groups in Union County in the Underground Railroad', the network of those who helped transport and shelter runaway slaves seeking freedom in the North and in Canada.

Dr. Ducksworth, who has appeared in the PBS documentary William Still and The Underground Railroad, will share results of her research and take questions from the audience.

The program also includes a talk by William Jones, professor emeritus of communications skills at Rutgers, who is a collector of contemporary African art, principally paintings, prints and photographs.

The program will also include musical selections by Morgan Miller, winner of the 2013 Plainfield Idol contest, and the history of the Negro National Anthem by Belinda Smiley, whom many know from her work with the famed Ric-Charles Chorale, and who is vice president of FOPPL.

A special treat will be Southern Sweets to conclude the program. Sweet Potato Pie? Peach Cobbler? I can't wait.

Saturday's free program will be in the Anne Louise Davis Meeting Room. The Plainfield Public Library is at Park Avenue and West 8th Street and is an accessible facility. Parking is available in the 8th and 9th Street lots.
PAHS art auction fundraiser
Animal lovers and pet owners will want to mark the calendar for a fundraiser for the Plainfield Area Humane Society (PAHS) on Saturday evening.

Owing to the harsh winter we have had, the PAHS facility on Rock Avenue is in need of urgent repairs to its plumbing and heating systems.

The art auction fundraiser will give PAHS the financial assistance it needs and provide a nice evening out for supporters. The evening gets under way at 6:30 PM with a preview of the art and the auction starts at 7:00 PM. Wine, cheese, coffee and desserts will be offered while attendees view a wide variety of art in many styles and sizes that will be available for purchase that evening.

Tickets are $25 per person and can be bought at the door. For more information, call PAHS at (908) 754-0300 or Diana Bienvenue at (732) 287-0861 or email Major credit cards will be accepted for all artwork purchases.

The event is being held at the South Plainfield Senior Center, 90 Maple Avenue (at the intersection of Maple Avenue, Plainfield Avenue and Lakeview Avenue. Parking on site. The facility is handicap-accessible.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

How will Plainfield celebrate the one-seat ride?

The completion of the transcontinental railroad in 1869
was celebrated with a final, golden spike ... and a toast.

How will Plainfield celebrate the arrival of the one-seat ride to New York Penn Station on the Raritan Valley Line?

On March 3, a week from Monday, the grand experiment begins.

After years of pressure from the Raritan Valley Coalition, New Jersey Transit finally consented this past autumn to give the idea of a one-seat ride a trial.

The Coalition, in which commuter advocates and elected officials from towns along the Raritan Valley Line united to lobby for the upgraded service which has long been a staple feature of other NJT lines, has doggedly pursued its dream even when NJT appeared less than enthused with the idea.

With the use of combination electric/diesel locomotives, the only issue remaining is the question of the various lines sharing access to the limited number of slots for travel in the system's tunnels under the Hudson River.

That is, above all, a political question. Since Gov. Christie discarded the ARC tunnel project which would have expanded the number of tracks to NY, the game has become one of who has the sharpest elbows and carries the most weight.

The Raritan Valley Coalition has done a magnificent job getting to this point, but now the towns will have to show NJ Transit that the ridership is there to justify not only keeping the off-hours experiment, but expanding it.

So, what would be the appropriate way for Plainfield to celebrate the advent of the one-seat ride?

Brass bands and bunting?

A carful of elected officials and commuter advocates taking the ride in to Penn Station and returning (to, say, the Netherwood -- formerly Cafe Vivace) for a light lunch?

What are your thoughts?

And how impressed do you think NJ Transit will be if it's just another (yawn) commuting day?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Jerry Green among those eyeing Holt Congressional seat

Plainfield is clearly the tail of this gerrymandered
dog, the 12th Congressional District.

'I'd like to feel that Plainfield is a major player', Assemblyman Jerry Green told PolitickerNJ on Tuesday, after Congressman Rush Holt's surprise announcement that he would not run for re-election this fall (see story here).

Green expressed interest in the seat himself and noted that he also had indications of interest from fellow Assembly person Linda Stender and up-and-comer Colleen Mahr, mayor of Fanwood.

PolitickerNJ reports the trio are among nine seeking to run for the open seat (see story here) in the 12th Congressional District.

While it is true that Plainfield is solidly Democratic and should be expected to play an important role (along with Fanwood and Scotch Plains, which also were added to the 12th Congressional District after the 2010 Census), I wonder if the tail can wag the dog.

After all, the addition of Plainfield to the District only solidified a trend toward Democratic dominance of the District that began with Holt's close win in 1998 but has been strengthened through two redistrictings since.

Green, Stender and Mahr face some stiff competition, as Mercer County State Senators Shirley Turner and Linda Greenstein are also both interested in the seat.

While it might be a pleasant dream for Green to envision finishing the game as a Congressman, attention must be paid to the fact that he will turn 75 in April, and the seat may go to a younger prospect.

Nevertheless, Green will be courted for his backing, and who knows what prize he may extract from the Democratic leadership for his giving it.

Fate has given the roulette wheel a spin. Keep your eye on the ball.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Photographs of Kenya exhibit at Library

An exhibit of photographs from Kenya.

As part of its Black History Month programming, the Plainfield Public Library has mounted an exhibit of stunning photographs of the people and wildlife of Kenya.

The photography in the show was taken by Henry F. Kielblock, a North Plainfield native (born at Muhlenberg Hospital, he notes) who taught U.S. history and philosophy in the Piscataway Public Schools for 36 years.

Interested in photography since childhood, Mr. Kielblock has traveled and photographed throughout Kenya, Italy and Costa Rica, in addition to North America. His photography has won numerous awards and has appeared on magazine and book covers.

In retirement, Mr. Kielblock has been the Director of Scott's Mountain Hawk Watch since 2002 and is an associate naturalist with the New Jersey Audubon Society. He won the DAR's National Conservation Award in 2009.

The exhibit is in the Anne Louise Davis Gallery on the lower level through March 29 and may be viewed during library hours. The Plainfield Public Library is at Park Avenue and West 8th Street and is an accessible facility. Parking is available in the 8th and 9th Street lots.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Monday, February 17, 2014

New Republic magazine digs in the Christie manure pile

Christie's career gets an in-depth look from New Republic magazine.

Plainfield Today readers -- whatever their political leanings -- will not want to miss the New Republic magazine's investigative report on the career of Gov. Chris Christie (see the article here).

In a word, they say, it 'reeks'.

The report, by Alec MacGillis, a senior editor at the New Republic, rakes Christie's career over the coals, drawing attention to a lot of connections that have been laying hidden in plain sight all these years.

Including his associations with powerful Democrats as well as Republicans.

And three sidebar articles to round out the picture --
  • Christie's political 'family tree' (see here);

  • 'Grime and punishment', mapping Christie's political plays (here); and

  • an interesting piece on 'why Hillary Clinton continues to get a free pass (here).
Like all good reporters, MacGillis' little piece on Hillary Clinton leaves an opening for a sequel in the event that Christie escapes Bridgegate unscathed and lives to face Clinton in the next presidential election.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Rescheduled Friends of the Library meeting rescheduled for Tuesday

The annul Book Sale is one of the Friends' fundraising activities.

The third time, they say, is the charm. So the Friends of the Plainfield Public Library (FOPPL) should have a big hit with their twice-rescheduled annual meeting this Tuesday, February 18.

Twice postponed because of weather issues, this time the coast looks clear -- in fact, if you can believe it, we should be experiencing above-normal temperatures by mid-week.

FOPPL raises money throughout the year to support library programming and special projects. The annual meeting is a time to review the contributions of FOPPL to the library's success in the year just past and to elect officers for the upcoming year.

As a special treat, jazz pianist Ernie Scott, a longtime Plainfield resident, will entertain attendees.

The meeting is open to all and new members may join up at the meeting.

The Friends of the Plainfield Public Library annual meeting is set for 7:00 PM Tuesday evening in the Anne Louise Davis Meeting Room. The Plainfield Public Library is at Park Avenue and West 8th Street. Parking is available in the 8th and 9th Street parking lots. The Library is an accessible facility.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Friday, February 14, 2014

Plainfield Musical Club Winter Concert at Library Saturday

A mid-winter musical afternoon...

The Plainfield Musical Club offers a free winter concert this Saturday afternoon, February 15 at 2:00 PM, at the Plainfield Public Library's Anne Louise Davis Meeting Room.

The program features keyboardists Victoria Griswold and Sophia Agranovich with clarinetist Robert Romano in works by Chopin, Ravel, Debussy and others.

In addition, Romano will Peter Winkler's 'Rags' clarinet concerto with Fred Fischer and Ron Naspo..

The Plainfield Musical Club is an organization of Plainfield-area residents who gather monthly to share their music-making enthusiasm.

The Concert is offered free to the public at 2:00 PM Saturday afternoon in the Anne Louise Davis Room. The Plainfield Public Library is at West 8th Street and Park Avenue; parking is available in the 8th and 9th Street lots. The Library is handicap-accessible.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Thursday, February 13, 2014

DNA and Genealogy workshop at Library Saturday

DNA is becoming an increasingly useful tool
for genealogists.

DNA analysis is increasingly being put to use in researching one's genealogical roots. Saturday, an opportunity will be provided for Plainfielders interested in both genealogy and in DNA research to learn just how useful the technique is becoming.

As part of the Plainfield Public Library's Black History Month programming, Teresa Vega will present a workshop titled 'Finding our more about your genealogy through DNA testing' this Saturday, February 15, from 10 AM to Noon.

Vega will discuss how advances in our understanding of DNA and the huge increase in the database of those whose DNA has been examined are helping both the ordinarily curious and serious genealogists in this area of research.

Vega has a background in cultural anthropology and is a member of both the NJ and NY chapters of the Afro-American Historical and Genealogical Society. She blogs on matters genealogical at Radiant Roots - Boricua Branches (see here).

The program is free and open to all and will be held in the Plainfield Public Library's Anne Louise Davis Meeting Room. The Plainfield Public Library is at Park Avenue and West 8th Street and is handicapped-accessible. Parking is available in the 8th and 9th Street lots.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Early morning sawbones appointment...

Everything's up to date in Kansas City,
they've gone about as far as they can go!

Early morning sawbones appointment. Check, back later. -- Dan

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Applications for DeLeeuw scholarships sought

Plainfielder and children's author Adele DeLeeuw
established the DeLeeuw Scholarship Fund with a $1 million bequest.

Winter is a busy time for high school seniors, and Plainfield is no exception. Those planning on continuing their education at the university level are immersed in the applications process and in visiting their schools of interest. They are also making plans for the scholarship aid which will help ease the burdensome costs of a college education.

Which means it is time for Plainfield area students to think about applying for a DeLeeuw scholarship.

Adele DeLeeuw was a children's book author (she was credited with 75 titles in print at one point) who settled in Plainfield at age 14 and stayed for the rest of her long and productive life. With ne heirs, DeLeeuw bequeathed $1 million of her estate to help Plainfield young people pursue careers in art, poetry, writing, journalism or engineering.

The fund is administered by the Plainfield Foundation through the Rotary Club of Plainfield-North Plainfield. Awards are made annually in amounts ranging between $1,000 and $5,000 to students graduating from public, private or parochial schools in Plainfield and six other area communities (including, besides Plainfield, North Plainfield, South Plainfield, Scotch Plains/Fanwood, Watchung, Warren, and Edison).

Students should contact their guidance counselor. Application forms may also be downloaded from the Rotary Club's website (see here). The 2014 deadline for applications is March 12. Those who have already won a scholarship are eligible to apply for a further grant for continuing studies. Those with questions can contact the scholarship administrator Johanna Salvemini at (908) 755-8098.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Monday, February 10, 2014

Will North Plainfield snag 07062 ZIP code?

ZIP Code boundary map for Plainfield area.

The Ledger is reporting North Plainfield is planning to push once more to have its own ZIP code (see here).

You may recall the initiative ten years ago that also included a drive to rename the borough 'Stony Brook'. Both the name change and the ZIP code change fell flat at the time.

The ZIP code system, which celebrated its fiftieth anniversary last year was designed to improve the delivery of mail (it stands for Zone Improvement Plan), and is an outgrowth of the postal zone designations for large cities that sprang up in the years between World War I and World War II.

Mr. ZIP Code character helped promote adoption.
The drive to inculcate use of the ZIP code number had its own cartoon character in the 1960s, which appeared everywhere from posters in Post Office buildings to books of stamps to public service ads in newspapers and magazines.

Over the years, as demographic patterns changed, so did ZIP codes. For Plainfield alone, the suburbanization of rural areas to the north and west led to two new ZIP codes being split off from Plainfield's 07060 -- Warren Township getting 07059 about twenty years ago and Watchung getting 07069 a few years ago.

A glance at the ZIP code boundary map above shows that 07060, 07062 and 07063 are all shared by Plainfield and North Plainfield (see boundary map here).

Another sign of the change of postal times is that Plainfield no longer sorts its own mail. This means that a Plainfield-to-Plainfield piece of mail no longer gets sorted and delivered in Plainfield. Insteand, such mail goes to the regional sorting center and then is returned to Plainfield for final delivery by your letter carrier. Progress!

It would be entirely possible to avoid setting up a new 5-digit postal code for North Plainfield if the Postal Service got serious about getting users to adopt the ZIP+4 system which has been on the books for years.

So, will North Plainfield get 07062? Or will it have to pick another number?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

City website tended to

This is a definite improvement ...

.... over this. Why not every time?

After Thursday's post on Plainfield's official website (see here), I noticed on Friday that some of my complaints had been attended to.

For starters, the link to the Courier article on Mayor Mapp's attendance at tje US Conference of Mayors winter meeting was inserted so that you click on the link and actually get the article (see here, and here).

And the 'message 2' header for one of the marquee slides has been amended to drop the 'message' header.

So, someone is paying attention -- to Plainfield Today.

But wouldn't it be better to have a check-before-posting procedure and not have to worry about those annoying Plainfield Today posts?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Friday, February 7, 2014

PSO free family concert Saturday features Chen, Ailster

Helen Shen, winner of the Gold Award in 2013's
NJ's Young Pianist Competition
The Plainfield Symphony Orchestra's annual free family concert takes place this Saturday (February 8) and will feature pianist Helen Shen and PSO Board member Harry Ailster.

Ms. Shen, the 2013 Gold Award winner of the NJ Young Pianists Competition will be the solo artist in a performance of J.S. Bach's "Concerto for Piano and Orchestra in G Minor".

The concert, under the baton of the PSO's music director Charles Prince, will also feature a performance of the ever-popular Benjamin Britten's "Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra" with narration by Plainfield cultural icon (and PSO board member) Harry Ailster.

The program will be rounded out with Paul Dukas' "The Sorcerer's Apprentice".

The annual family concert is free and open to the public. The performance gets under way at 3:00 PM Saturday afternoon at the orchestra's home venue, Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church.

Crescent Avenue Presbyterian Church is at Watchung Avenue at East 7th Street. Parking available in the church lot on First Place, on the street, or in the Swain Galleries lot.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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