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Monday, July 30, 2007

Bond pays for paving Plainfield streets

Recent work on Kenyon Avenue by the Old High School.

With 110 miles of streets, Plainfield's City Council is continuing the aggressive 15-year road repair and rebuilding program it began three years ago, after an engineering study laid out the condition and need for repair for every single street in the city.

The Council has approved floating a $7.4M bond issue to cover the next series of streets. Work done involves milling and repaving. In some cases, new curbing and street trees are installed.

Streets on the list for this bond issue are --
  • West 8th Street
  • Brook Lane
  • Court Place
  • Evergreen Avenue
  • Fayette Place
  • Gavett Place
  • Kensington Avenue
  • Maplewood Terrace
  • Netherwood Avenue
  • North Avenue
  • South Second Street
  • Stilford Avenue
  • Watchung Avenue

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that Council Members can use their "discretionary powers" to add names of other streets that are desperately in need of repair to the list so that these streets can be repaired out of this ordinance. I have asked Council Members via phone calls and eMails, to add Salem Road and Whittingham Terrace to that list. I've also asked my neighbors to ask for these two streets to be added.People who use the facilities at Hub Stein Stadium,the Donald Van Blake Courts and facilities at Muhlenburg, frequently "see Plainfield" as they travel on and park on these two streets.Thus, Plainfield is not seen in a favorable light.If their is anybody out there who wants to join your neighbors on Salem Road and Whittingham Terrace in pushing this issue,please do so for we need all of the help that we can get. I can be reached at Margaret A. Lewis Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Somerset Street ' The Gateway ' into the Queen City needs to be repaired !