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Friday, October 23, 2009

What's with the unfinished roads?

Mayor Robinson-Briggs put President Obama's
Stimulus money to work on a road-to-nowhere.

While bumping down one of
Plainfield's begun-but-unfinished road projects Thursday evening, I came upon a reader out walking his dog.

'You know, the asphalt plants will be shutting down for the winter in a couple of weeks', he said, as he scuffled some of the gravel lying in the roadway (he knows about this stuff because of his job responsibilities), 'When do you think they're ever gonna finish this street?'

When, indeed.

After the embarrassing false starts on Kensington and Netherwood Avenues in 2008, Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs' administration tried to get things back on track in the 2009 roadwork season, with less-than-optimal results.

I noticed at the Drake House reopening last weekend that Geraud Avenue, on which I had to park because of the crowds, is STILL UNFINISHED. You may recall this as the road-to-nowhere project on which Robinson-Briggs used President Obama's stimulus money (see my story here), as opposed to say a truly worthwhile project like Somerset Street from Front to the North Plainfield line.

When covering the Vastine meet-and-greet the other night, I had to park in the rut along the new curbing on Kensington Avenue -- another

Checking further, I noted that Cedarbrook Road and Brook Lane are also
STILL UNFINISHED, as they were weeks ago, when Gov. Jon Corzine came to campaign in Plainfield (an event for which Mayor Robinson-Briggs was, as they say, 'otherwise engaged'). See my story on the road situation then here.

Weeks after Gov. Corzine's visit,
Cedar Brook Road has yet to be paved.

Seems the ONLY projects to date that are actually finished are West 8th Street and Netherwood Avenue.

Now I know Mayor Sharon has a lot on her plate just now, what with the CFO personnel mess at City Hall and the Seniors unhappy with her over being overdue on moving into the new Senior Center, and Her Honor fretting over how to face the voters in the two upcoming candidate forums, but as far as I know, no one held a gun to her head to make her take this job.

With winter coming on and roadwork season coming to an end, you'd think Mayor Robinson-Briggs wouldn't want voters to be reminded just by driving down the street that she had let them down again.

You'd think, wouldn't you?

-- Dan Damon

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Rob said...

You don't need to look at the streets to see that Assistant Mayor Sharon has let this city down. And you are correct in stating, " No one asked her to be Mayor, she wanted it", of course only for the cameras, security posse and free food -- NOT THE WORK.

active citizen said...

It seems that Mayor Sharon really doesn't want the job, and I'm glad. I can't remember when in the last 25 years we've had a more inept and dishonest mayor. I truly hope she doesn't get re-elected by an uninformed electorate. I've tried to work with her on the Connolly situation and have gotten little support. This upsets me even more, since it's partly her fault Conolly was able to get away with having slums in Plainfield.

Vote as if you loved Plainfield and if you do, we will have a new mayor.

Anonymous said...

Where is the voice of our city council?

You talk about leadership, well where is it? Obviously the mayor and her administration has no clue what is required of them which leaves the council to address the citizens of Plainfield. NOT ONE of the them has said anything regarding whether they are going to bring charges against the mayor, or more basically, if they even think anything is wrong.

Where are you council members? Don't fail us now.

Anonymous said...

Mayor Green & Briggs always start things but never finish them.They want the press there in the beginning to make themselves look good,but the job just never seems to get finished.

Ron said...

I drove down Kenyon (one of the smoothest streets in town) yesterday as well as most of the Cedarbrook Area. Literally saw no Pivnichny signs and tons of Sharon/Jerry. Complete opposite of sleepy hollow/evergreen. coincidence?

gaucho90 said...

What's all this talk about catering services and free food? I get the impression that meetings are put on the calender for dining opportunities rather than to discuss real issues facing our city.

JMG said...

The first picture pretty much sums it up....Road Work = Dead End

Anonymous said...

The Watchung plant is open year round, weather permitting. Others in the area do shut down for the winter.