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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Town Hall on Plainfield finances, other issues tonight

Plainfielders have an important opportunity to discuss important community issues BEFORE next Tuesday's general election, at which we will vote for Mayor, Council and Assembly seats -- as well as Governor and, for the first time ever, Lt. Governor.

Councilor Adrian Mapp continues his series of Town Hall meetings, with an opportunity this evening for residents to sound off on the state of Plainfield's finances and financial management as well as other topics of interest, expected to include everything from tax increases to roads projects, from the Muhlenberg situation to the Senior Center condos, from a late budget to squelching voluntary sports activities (see Mapp's website here).

Councilor Adrian Mapp: Town Hall Meeting

Thursday, October 29
6:30 PM

Councilor Adrian Mapp is sponsoring a Town Hall Meeting
to discuss Plainfield finances and financial situation
and other topics of concern to residents.

Anne Louise Davis Meeting Room
Plainfield Public Library
Park Avenue and 8th Street

-- Dan Damon

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