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Monday, October 5, 2009

Interested in city IT job? Get a move on!

Plainfield's new IT manager will have a lot to untangle.

Plainfield's new IT position was approved by a salary ordinance September 14th (see story here), which means the ordinance is about to go into effect and the City will be hiring.

You can find the state's description of the requirements and duties for the position (
Information Technology Manager, Level 1) here. The salary range is $70,000 - $110,000.

Judging from the comments to the various blogs as this position has been discussed over the last several months, there are a number of IT professionals in Plainfield who are either laid off or looking for another position.

Readers will know that I have been concerned that the Robinson-Briggs administration has already got an 'inside pick' -- though it is denied.

City Administrator Marc Dashield, salivating at the prospect the Council was about to pass the long-sought-after salary ordinance, was in the mood to promise anything to get the needed passage.

That included promises that the job would be advertised widely.

I'm not sanguine about that one.

The job will be posted on the bulletin board in the hall outside the Personnel Division on the third floor of City Hall, as required by law.

Call the Personnel Division at (908) 753-3401 for current information.

I would be happy to hear from anyone who submits a resum
é (email me here, in confidence), as I am quite concerned that talented and experienced Plainfielders who are interested get a REAL crack at this opportunity.


If you suspect a run-around or double-dealing, let me know.

Candidates who submit resumés should expect -- and press for -- an interview.

The initial appointment will no doubt be, in Civil Service parlance, as a 'provisional' until the State issues a call for an examination for the position. Provisional employees are responsible for seeing that they take and pass the Civil Service examination in order to get permanent appointment to the position.

Interested? The ball is in your court.

Get a move on!

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

In this current economic environment I disagree that everyone should expect to be interviewed. There could be 100's of applicants - not all will, or should be interviewed.

Dan said...

7:44 AM -- Hundreds of applicants?

For a job in Plainfield?

In this Administration?

Sounds more like a cattle call.

Let's see what happens.

Anonymous said...

From someone at city Hall may I humbly say ...... We sure hope you know your 0's from 1's as we need REAL HELP to get this place running [A programmer's joke]

Anonymous said...

I meet the qualifications
As a Director of IT
But with no staff to supervise
What would that make me?

So who would I direct
With no staff to be seen
And who do I work for
Is it Briggs or Green?

Or if I am to report
To the Director of Finance
Will he be here next year
Or is this his last dance?

So I'll think I'll pass
And stay unemployed
And watch the Council sit back
and become more annoyed.

Because this Administration
Can't manage or function
So the best thing to do
is hit the CTRL ALT DEL button.

Dan said...

To 7:40 PM --

Would you consider the poet laureate's job instead?