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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monarch sales trailer site put to better use

Playground equipment being assembled on former sales trailer site.
(Yes, that's my finger in the picture.).

The vacant lot formerly housing the Monarch at Plainfield's sales trailer has a new -- and probably better -- use.

Stopping by the condos Thursday after new attention-getting sales signs spinning in the breeze caught my eye, I noticed a group of people assembling what appeared to be a giant plastic space ship on the former site of the sales trailer, at the corner of East Front Street and Westervelt Avenue.

The new playground equipment is for the little ones at the Neighborhood House East center across the corner. (This is especially nice, if you consider that many of the city's daycare/preschool facilities do not have decent -- or, in some cases, ANY -- outdoor play areas.)

Spinning 'Open House' signs in front of the Monarch condos caught my eye.

What had been thought by some to be a city-owned lot loaned to Dornoch Plainfield for the sales trailer was actually bought at auction by a private party who has made arrangements with Neighborhood House for the lot's use.

Seems likely to me the kids are going to have a happier time there than any of the sales agents for the Monarch condos ever did.

The Monarch sales trailer, which formerly occupied the corner site,
being disassembled this past summer.

-- Dan Damon

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Rob said...

So Great for the kids !! When I had a little one in day care downtown I couldn't stand that there was no outdoor play area..thank God we got her moved!