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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Black Issues Convention to give Library 'Community Change' award

The Plainfield Public Library will be honored at the 27th annual Black Issues Convention with the 'Community Change' award for its Diversity Studies Collection.

According to library director Joe Da Rold, a collection of this type is rare in a mid-size public library such as Plainfield's.

The goal of the collection is to "ensure that the voices, experiences and life stories of African Americans will be preserved", according to the award submission.

Among other items, the collection contains both published and unpublished resources on the history, culture and literature of African Americans, with an aim of preserving and making accessible to students, writers, journalists and scholars the materials, which include journals, oral histories, photographs and books.

The collection is housed in the Library's Archives Room, which provides both optimal environmental conditions for preservation of the materials and enhanced security procedures which reduce the risk of loss of rare and important materials.

The award will be presented at the Black Issues Convention's Awards Brunch this Saturday at the Hyatt Regency in New Brunswick.

-- Dan Damon

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stevekilduff said...

Congratulations, again, to the coolest place in town.

Colleen Gibney said...

Congratulations to the Library staff!