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Monday, October 12, 2009

Update: Is 'pedestrian' fatality homicide #3?

Updating Plainfield Today's post yesterday that a pedestrian was run over and killed on East Front Street Friday evening, it appears possible the incident may be Plainfield's third homicide of 2009.

Word in the street is that the male was pushed into the path of the vehicle which struck him, and that two men fled the scene on foot.

As details emerge, I wonder if my hunch that the victim may have been Hispanic and the victim of a mugging gone awry -- by individuals who may NOT have been Hispanic -- will be proven correct or mistaken. And whether the public will be given all the details.

If correct, would that make this a homicide? The city's third for 2009?

-- Dan Damon

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olddoc said...

Anything in the media? if so I missed it. If not, not important! or political censorship.

Dan said...

Happened Friday night. Courier in holiday mode over weekend. They may pick it up tomorrow or Wed.

No censorship, unless you consider 'radio silence' a form of censorship.

Anonymous said...

Pretty wild speculation there on the ethnic origins of the alleged victim and alleged/possibly imagined attackers.

Dan said...

As I said, I await being shown to be INCORRECT ... or not.

Anonymous said...

We were thinking of renting in plainfield but this makes me rethink things..

On that note, how is the area around randolph and plainfield)? And how is the are around cedarbrook park?

I wish there were a map that shows where the clusters are crime are in plainfield...

Dan said...

to 6:18 PM -- contact me offline at

Anonymous said...

To 6:18pm - you will never find a better place to live than Plainfield. Even with differing opinions, everyone here still conducts themselves as family. You will love it!