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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Challenge to Mayor Sharon on blogger allegations

Image from the Mayor's MySpace page,
February 2009 (no longer a 'public' page)

Both Plaintalker and mayoral candidate Jim Pivnichny note that Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs remarked at her monthly meeting with the Seniors on Tuesday that "
city bloggers don't always tell the truth" (quoting Bernice, see here).

This is not the first time Mayor Sharon has made such a statement.

It's time for the Honorable Mayor to give chapter and verse.

Plainfield bloggers like Bernice Paglia, Dr. Harold Yood, Maria Pellum, and myself, who sign our names to our blogs every single time we post a piece deserve to know exactly at which of us the Mayor is aiming her accusation, and in exactly what ways any of us has been untruthful.

If she can't back up her accusation, Mayor Sharon should apologize and shut up.

Like other Plainfielders, I live in hope.

-- Dan Damon

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active citizen said...

To hope that our mayor will be honest and speak the truth is to truly have hope and believe in miracles. Let's be rid of her and her mud slinging. Get the truth out and Plainfield and its citizens will be better off.

Rob said...

She and Jerry are gutless, mindless windbags who CRY FOUL every chance they get when someone/anyone points out their misdeeds, stupidity or plain lack of knowledge yet throw around accusations like bums in downtown Plainfield throw their bottles around
( yes...for you savy readers.. I was making a connection between the bums in Plainfield and Mayor Jerry & Assistant Mayor Sharon..the difference is of course the bums in Downtown Plainfield are doing their "job" correctly and with intelligence )