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Saturday, October 3, 2009

Obama fearmongers hit Plainfield

Right-wing Obama-in-whiteface flyer
pasted to stop sign at Myrtle and Rock Avenues.

Plainfield has been immune to the nonsense fueled by wealthy right-wingnuts like Richard Mellon Scaife, who many suspect is behind the countrywide rash of town hall rudeness over healthcare reform this past August.

But no more.

While the wealthy wingnuts tapped into real fears some people have over whether changes would affect them adversely, there has been an added layer of racist hysteria, in particular with charges that President Obama is a 'Socialist', 'Nazi' and/or 'Fascist'. (Anyone with a sense of history will wonder how all that can be crammed in one bag.)

On her way to work Wednesday morning, reader Nancy P. called to report she saw one of the racist Obama-in-whiteface flyers pasted to a STOP sign at the corner of Myrtle and Rock Avenues, across from the Plainfield Health Center.

Hopping over, I managed to catch some snaps before the police came and scraped the flyer away.

But not for long.

Yesterday, Nancy reported the same flyer had reappeared -- not only on the STOP sign, but on a nearby Corzine campaign sign and on STOP signs in Green Brook Park.

Looks like Oz is part of the real world after all.

This time, unfortunately.

Send me an email (with photo if you can) or Tweet me at '@ptoday' if you spot any more, and let me know the locations.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Really, Dan? Because some moron slapped a couple stickers on stop signs, that merits the headline of "Obama fearmongers hit Plainfield?" Come on. With Jerry Green and others spouting off about Bush in the city, I never hear you say "Bush fearmongers hit Plainfield."

Dan said...

7:42 AM -- I'm puzzled by your comment. You think the appearance of such flyers is a good thing? Or something of no concern?

Does anybody pay attention to Jerry's 'Bush fearmongering'?

Rob said...

Dan, in response to your comment at 8:08AM....I think even you have to agree that in fact, "YES", there are plenty of people pay attention to Jerry's and Corzine's Bush Fear Mongering...throw in Nancy Pelosi for a taste of white middle class guilt and you have yourself a party...maybe even a, Democratic Party???? Mmmmmmmmm???
- I don't approve of it on either side no matter what. And that is the problem I have with some of the more prominent left wing zealots. It's ok for them to say ANYTHING they want to get their point across, but toe the line of respect when speaking to them. And to all the health care nay-sayers, I give President Obama credit for forcing the issue down people's throats. It needs to be discussed and fixed. The first time out might not be perfect, but that's how you learn sometimes, by making mistakes.

Anonymous said...

Your bias is wide open.

Anonymous said...

Dan. Where were you when people were screaming that bush was a Nazi? Democracy does not guarantee the right not to be offended. This goes for obama as well.

Anonymous said...
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Rob said...

Dan!!! You didn't post mine ! I covered all bases on that post - LOL. Of course, as usual, I defer to your better judgment.

Dan said...

Rob -- Sorry about that. It got lost in the shuffle, but HAS BEEN POSTED.

Meanwhile, you might want to check my take on a comment that was (intentionally?) misleading in the extreme --