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Monday, October 12, 2009

Everyone (almost) honors the Symphony's 90th season

Recovering from the Plainfield Symphony's 90th season opener, I had time to go over the program booklet Sunday, and noted that everyone -- well, ALMOST EVERYONE -- honored the Symphony on reaching this milestone.

The front of the book contains congratulatory letters of recognition from U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez and Gov. Jon Corzine.

The back of the book has letters of recognition and congratulations from Assemblyman Jerry Green and Union County Freeholder chairperson Alexander Mirabella.

Missing in action?

There is no letter from Plainfield Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs.

Nor was a proclamation offered at the concert itself, jammed though it was with perhaps 800 or more people of voting age.

The Mayor, who arrived during the concert's opening piece, Brahms' Hungarian Dance No. 6, departed shortly after the intermission.

Perhaps she had a more important engagement, or didn't want to be thought to be campaigning at an event held by a private organization.

-- Dan Damon

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Yep I Said It! said...

Maybe she got up for popcorn . . .???

Rob said...

She thought they were serving a buffet and was afraid of being kept until late until the night before she was given the free food she was promised ?? that's right...that's what she does to Senior Citizens..Sorry, got my hostage situations mixed up.

active citizen said...

Sharon is good at showing for a photo op, but perhaps none of the cameras were facing her, so she had no reason to stay. We can get four more years of that if you want. LOL

James said...

For the record, the Mayor showed up at the Children's Concert, read a proclamation from the city honoring the 90th Anniversary and led the children in a singing of Happy Birthday to the symphony. It was all very nice and a fitting tribute to the symphony.

Anonymous said...

It's too bad she left early, The second half of the program was rousing. The new conductor is exciting, The Sousa finale was just the tribute to Plainfield that the city and its Symphony deserved.