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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Plainfield political sign wars reach new heights

GOP mayoral candidate Pivnichny's billboard is visible from Jerry Green's office.

It's October, which in Plainfield means the political sign wars are under way.

So far, the street wars have been dominated by the Democrats' outcroppings for Corzine, Jerry Green, et al.

But Republican mayoral candidate Jim Pivnichny has taken the sign wars against incumbent mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs to new heights -- literally.

Drivers in downtown Plainfield could not help but notice this week his full-size billboard sign atop Lee's shoe store at East Front Street and Watchung Avenue.

The sign is clearly visible from mayoral mentor Assemblyman Jerry Green's Watchung Avenue office.

That's not the
ONLY NEWS on the sign front, though.

Readers recalling the Corzine campaign's pique at not being consulted over Jerry Green's
RED signs (see previous post here), began reporting over the weekend on a presto-chango miracle -- Jerry's little RED signs are being replaced by identical but BLUE signs around town.

With a single stroke, the
RED signs have been turned into collectibles -- perhaps to turn up on eBay?


-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

This is going to get confusing. Since his billboard is blue, if Pivnichny has lawn signs, they'll probably be blue too like Jerry's and the Democratic ticket ones. But Jim using blue makes sense, since Sharon's signs are red, which makes less sense. With all these colors flying around, how am I going to know which sign is whose?

Anonymous said...

Dan, As one who would put a RED sign on her lawn to inticate my political bent, I got a chuckle out of your first post on the sign story. Makes me think, how deep into clueness do you have to go to make up red Jerry signs. Sadly, however, I note that Pivnichy's sign is blue. SIGHHHH. Other than that, great message Jim!

Dan said...

To 7:38 AM -- Maybe you could do like in some other countries, and vote by the candidate's picture?

Joan Van Pelt said...

Dan - As 7:38 said, Sharon had laid a claim to red in the primary and prior election. I seem to remember that Jerry's signs were green. Jim got blue by default and has been using it on his website ( and flyers since before the primary. Jerry's going to blue might be a subconscious endorsement.

Joan Van Pelt

Anonymous said...

I think it means that Jerry considers himself a "Blue Dog" Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Don't care about the sign color. Just want Briggs, Green and Stender out.

Anonymous said...

I love it, ths is democracy at its best. I'm a democrat voting for him anyway. ROCK ON!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahahahahaaha--too freaking funny for words!!

Anonymous said...

Fortunately the consultants have soaked Plainfield enough so there is plenty of $$ to print signs, signs ... everwhere a sign.

But NEVER enough to remove them afterwards, then they just end up "blowing in the wind"

Anonymous said...


Rob said...

Does, " IT MAKES ME SEE RED " seem to be lost on everyone but me??? How apropos...
- Per the sign visible from Jerry's office --- EAT IT JERRY. Please post this Dan, you know you want to. If not, I give you permission in advance to edit the last comment, FYI.

Anonymous said...

Comments on signs would be a hoot if this election were for the candidates to appear on Comedy Night Live. But the future of Plainfield is at stake. The election of Green/Briggs
would seal the fate of this once proud community - to the dump of irrelevancy. Every institution has been corrupted by Green/Briggs. The library, schools, PMUA, NJ Transit, municipal departments (code enforcement/tax assessor), redevelopment (SID,Planning Board), and police are failing this community as a reslut of pay-for-play and bungling management practices. We have only our selves to blame. This is no laughing matter.

Anonymous said...

Although I found parts of the post amusing, I have to agree with 6:59 pm. This mayor should be tossed out of office. Jerry Green should be as well. They contribute nothing to our city but have embarrassed it. Jerry Green is a Trenton joke, and Sheila Oliver is laughing the whole way to the Speaker position. For all of the money that Jerry has squeezed in his land deals with the UCIA, with his "consulting" job with Alman Group at $50 grand per year, his lies about Muhlenberg and his pay to play with Remington Vernick, Maimon and Scotland, and all the others who have enriched him, it's too bad that he will have no legacy. Except voting to kill Abbott funding (remember he cast the deciding vote), closing Muhlenberg Hospital, presenting Robinson-Briggs to Plainfield in what is one of the most corrupt and incompetent administrations in New Jersey. We are a joke and Charlotte, Jerry, Lesniak and their political contributors are laughing all the way to the bank.