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Thursday, October 1, 2009

Now you can comment on Jerry's blog posts

Plainfield Today readers have written and commented for months that it seems that comments posted to Assemblyman Green's blog, 'Jerry Green's Page', seem to disappear into the Internet equivalent of 'the ether'. (I can only recall reading two comments, three at most, glowing of course.)

In fact, the other day a commenter on a Plainfield Today post suggested that maybe someone should start a blog just to log comments to Jerry's posts.

Well, 'someone' has stepped up to the plate.

In the person of one of Green's Republican challengers, Bo Vastine.

As of today, Vastine has a section on his blog where readers can log comments on Jerry's posts. You may access the section from his blog (here) or go directly to the comments page from this link.

Be mindful of his only rule, 'please be nice'.

And also, think of other readers and reference Jerry's posts (you can copy and paste the URL address from Jerry's page into the comments form) so that folks can follow along.

After all, it wouldn't be good for folks not to be able to make sense of Jerry's posts or your comments.

A 'thank you' to Bo for this public service.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Bravo Bo....

Rob said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS PLAINFIELD !!! Thank you very much Bo !!! I am practically giddy...Thank you for taking a suggestion from a member of the public and acting on it. If this is the definition of "divide and conquer" as Jerry and his hanger-ons have been posting all around I think we need to see more of it. Listening to your constituents...Wow, Stunned.

Anonymous said...

Listening to constituents and making their comments public are two different things. Legislative work is very different from public relations. Anybody can blog and a lot of people do but few say anything worthwhile. Vastine & his allies are just blowing hot air, this gimmick is just the latest example.

Rob said...

Well Anonymous at 9:55AM if this is a gimmick, at least Bo Vastine was smart enough to think of it. The only thing Jerry and his handlers can do is approve the " Go Jerry " comments that you and his handlers post on his blog -- Since you mentioned HOT AIR.

CorruptionRadio said...

This reminds me of an excellent article on Imperialism: