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Saturday, October 31, 2009

All Dem 'volunteers' are not actually volunteers

A Plainfield Today reader forwarded the following email they received from Plainfield's Democratic HQ --

Good day,

We only have seven days left until the 2009 Gubernatorial Election and we can still use your help! This is the last stretch of the campaign and we would like to have as much support as possible to ensure that our President gets the right people in office to carry out his mission. In order to make this happen we need you! Governor Corzine, Assembly members Linda Stender and Jerry Green, Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs, and Bridget Rivers need you.

We are asking for people to help with passing out literature on Monday, November 2nd from 3PM-7PM and on Tuesday, November 3rd from 7AM-8PM (1hr lunch). VOLUNTEERS WHO COME FOR THOSE DAYS/TIMES WILL RECEIVE PAY, $25 for Monday and $75 Tuesday. Spots are filling up quickly, so if you would like to help out please contact Geraldine Smith at 908.405.7620, Keri Baucum at 732.770.2244 or send an email to no later than Friday, October 30th by 5PM.

Thank you,
Plainfield Democratic HQ
So, if someone gets paid to 'volunteer', what is it called when they do it for nothing?

-- Dan Damon

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Rob said...

wow.... I wish I could support BUYING nice, so nice...Way to go Jerry.

Anonymous said...

The answer to your question is obvious -

Q: "What is it called when they do nothing?"

A: Mayor of Plainfield

Anonymous said...

Does this mean a volunteer who doesn't get paid is a "good for nothing" Democrat?

Anonymous said...

The very first election I worked in as a "paid" volunteer (years back) -I was to get paid by Jerry Green.

It never happened! Good luck to all those paid volunteers.

PS -Dan is that an oxymoron???

Anonymous said...

So, the Courier News endorses SRB. It has got to be the most embarressing thing ever to happen to Piv.

Poor Piv.

Dan said...

Hey, 2:57 -- watch out who you're calling a moron!!! The walls have ears.

Rob said...

Seriously... I just READ that endorsement... WTF ?? Courier News...GET REAL ! Do a BETTER JOB?? TRY Assistant Mayor Sharon needs to do a JOB before striving for BETTER! I just threw up in my mouth a little bit..
Courier News could have taken a stand of responsible journalism and simply said " WOW...There is NO way this woman deserves another shot. " Plainfield be damned at the hands of that woman for 4more years...

Anonymous said...

The courier news has to endorse Sharron. Plainfield in shambles is great for newspaper sales. All of those families that abandoned Plainfield decades ago love to read about how awful Plainfield is. It makes them feel good about leaving. Sharon is doing a great job at keeping all of th people in Bridgewater entertained.

Unknown said...

Should we really be surprised that Jerry and Linda would "pay for votes"...after all, they support Corzine and we know his willingness to spread cash on the street.

What people need to consider is: does $75 make up for the loss of 1,100 jobs and their hospital? Does it make up for the continual short change with services and conditions such as PMUA and Connelly? Does it cover the cost of increased taxes?

Everyone needs to think long and crumbs from the "BOSS" make up for everything he is costing you?

Rob said...

Yes... to the strict party line " JERRY and his puppet Sharon " are good ole' boys voters...Crumbs not matter the cost are worth it to them. They can't see past the blue line... Look at Dottie G., she is and has been fighting for the hospital and can somehow say we should support Mayor Jerry & Assistant Mayor Sharon and point the finger of blame for doing nothing at Republicans who aren't in office...To a logical person this doesn't make sense, to the Blind To Corruption of One Party Rule...makes all the sense in the world. Nothing like an ill-informed electorate perpetuating their stupidity at the polls. Here's to New Jersey!

Anonymous said...

I would just like to say that I love Plainfield and if you want to live with white republicans, move to Westfield and watch your taxes triple!

Anonymous said...

to 8:36am - In case you were not looking, they have tripled - right here in Plainfield. And, I don't want to live with Republicans, I want to live where smart people have the city's best interest at hand and work toward making it better. In that case, you are right, those people are in Westfield. They can be in Plainfield, but ignorance about city government keeps us back.

Rob said...

to 8:36 - So what you are saying then if you want to live with Black Democrats stay in Plainfield but White Republicans move to Westfield? Nothing like a Racist comment BTW.
- And Taxes have almost tripled in Plainfield and Plainfielders don't even pay for 95% of the cost of running the school district. The taxes in Westfield pay for Plainfields school and Camden, Newark, Jersey City & Hoboken's to name a few. Maybe if Plainfield wasn't such a hot mess with Skipper Jerry & First Mate Gilligan Sharon taxes could be lower and we could actually have a chance at a quality city that doesn't resemble downtown Beirut. Your ignorance is what Jerry & Sharon count on to keep them in office.

Anonymous said...

My taxes doubled during the last administration! During the past 4 years, they have increased only a little. The "ND's" had city hall for the previous 8 years and taxes went through the roof. Don't rewrite history!

Anonymous said...

To 8:30am
I've lived in Plainfield for 30 years. It's not about race or political party. It's about wanting the same quality of life and services that people in surrounding towns enjoy and pay far less for, even Westfield.(Check out how much they pay for waste disposal vs. what we pay the PMUA). What's wrong with wanting a school system that gives textbooks to every student? What's wrong with wanting a downtown that has more than the probation office, the check cashing store, the 99 cent store and the rent-a-center to offer? What's wrong with not wanting downtown to be the pickup spot for day laborers? What's wrong with wanting homeowners to keep up their property? What's wrong with wanting landlords to obey building codes? These are the things that people in other towns demand from their administrations. That's why their towns are thriving. Don't Plainfielders deserve as much?