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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Five reasons to attend tonight's candidate forum

Candidates for mayor and the Ward 4 Council seat will gather at the Plainfield Public Library this evening for a forum sponsored by Women for Progress in Plainfield.

Because the group is widely viewed as pro-Robinson-Briggs is not a reason to skip the proceedings.

In fact, there are five very good reasons to go.

It is at least possible that questions will be asked about --

  1. The Monarch Condos, the status of the project and why the Senior Center is not yet occupied;

  2. The FY2010 Budget, what new items are proposed and why it hasn't been submitted to the Council yet, though promised;

  3. Connolly Properties, and what is the impact on the City and Connolly tenants on the bankruptcy proceedings and promised support of the Mayor;

  4. Baseball: Recreation Division moves to undermine the already-existing and totally volunteer Queen City Baseball League, and why no effort was first made to work with them;

  5. Harassing Pivnichny: The forcible ejection of candidate Pivnichny at the request of the Mayor from Tuesday's Senior Center meeting.
At a minimum, there is the possibility for some light to be shed on the various candidates and their positions on important issues.

See you there.

Local Candidates Forum

Tonight | 6:30 - 8:30 PM
Plainfield Public Library Meeting Room

Candidates for Mayor (Sharon Robinson-Briggs, Deborah Dowe and Jim Pivnichny)
and Ward 4 Council seat (Bridget Rivers)

Sponsored by Women for Progress in Plainfield

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

The most important questions revolve around long term development.

What? Where? Why? Who? How much?

Paragraph length answers, please.

Yep I Said It! said...

Excuse me Dan -

. . . but you know, I know and many others know . . . the bevy of ladies dressed in red will graciously smile while they hand you an index card that has been cut in half along with a lil IKEA yellow pencil to write down your questions for THEIR Queen to answer; who, by the way, will also be dressed in red with a devilish curl in her hair.

[Aaaahh ain't she cute?! Comeon and gimme a kiss and candy!]

BUT . . . those questions will never be asked because the moderator (more than likely also wearing red) will be asking her set of pre-discussed and pre-arranged questions to the so called mayor who already has her pre-discussed and pre-arranged answers printed out, in front of her and ready for her to read.

Anonymous said...

Some predictions for tonight's meeting:
- there will heavy police presence there both inside and outside the library, for your protection of course, what with all the bloggers being there and their words of mass distortion perceived as a threat to public safety
- don't be surprised if you are not allowed to bring cellphones or cameras into the room, not allowed because ... they say so, besides pctv 74 may be there (are you listening mr. rice) to cover the events as they happen, or perhaps they will be conveniently unavailable
- sgt. burgess will be there to meet and greet, what with a $97K salary, a little community outreach is not out of the question, can you spell cavity search?
- things will eventually get out of hand and before you know it, Sharon will let her police dogs loose and it will be LA/Rodney King all over again ... except in reverse, will the whites riot? what about the latinos? picture that, a bunch of white and brown people burning down the monarch

I plan on bringing my video camera, maybe streaming the whole thing live on

Isn't technology great?

Yep I Said It! said...

Hey 1:57PM did you bring your video camera and did you post it anywhere?

You tube???

I would love to see the highlights.

Dan said...

yeah, 3:47 -- Would like to know if anyone video'ed the proceedings.

Someone said Laurence Rice was there but skedaddled before things got under way.

Maybe someone DIDN'T want the event recorded for posterity?