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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dan was wrong! Do you hear me -- wrong, wrong, wrong!

In my post on Monday that it was about time for Mayor Robinson-Briggs to pull a rabbit out of the hat in regard to Muhlenberg Hospital (see here), I was wrong.

Do you hear me?! Wrong, wrong, wrong!

I predicted that Mayor Sharon would call a meeting of the Community Advisory Group (CAG), of which she is the convenor, to announce that she was in talks with buyers (note the plural 's') for Muhlenberg.

I was wrong.

There was indeed a meeting of the CAG on Tuesday evening.

But neither Mayor Robinson-Briggs nor Assemblyman Jerry Green made an appearance.

Was it perhaps because they might have faced questions about Muhlenberg's Adult Day Care program, which is being moved away from the Plainfield campus to Edison by corporate parent Solaris Health System?

The move, quietly scheduled for this past Saturday -- that's right, you never knew about it! -- was mysteriously cancelled, even though the vans had arrived to make the move, when Edison refused to give a Certificate of Occupancy for the new premises.

A government employee working overtime in Edison on a Saturday to deny a C/O that surely had been worked on for weeks, if not months?

Rumors immediately began circulating whether an unnamed Democratic Assemblyman had pulled strings to avoid a potentially embarrassing incident just days before he faces a voting public upset over the fate of Muhlenberg.

More man-behind-yellow-curtain stuff?

Put that rabbit back in that hat, Dan.

-- Dan Damon

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Rob said...

Once again Mayor Jerry and Assistant Mayor Sharon have been busy fighting the fight against George Bush and Plainfield is being left with even MORE reduced services at our former fully active hospital.
Congratulations Mayor Jerry and Assistant Mayor Sharon you have once again shafted Plainfield with your continued lack of foresight and vision. Did anyone bother telling Mayor Jerry and Assistant Mayor Sharon that George Bush has left office and the hospital is basically closed except for the Emergency Room???

gaucho90 said...

Maybe the Mayor and Assistant Mayor were no shows since there was no buffet underwritten by us taxpayers.