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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Plainfield Friday Night: Shootings, Robberies, Beatings, more

Crime on Friday night, October 16, in Plainfield --

  1. Robbery -- Armed robbery with handgun, Crescent Avenue;

  2. Robbery -- Armed robbery with knife, East Second Street;

  3. Robbery -- West Front Street, man shot in arm;

  4. Shooting -- Two males shot in the leg, Madison Avenue;

  5. Assault -- Male attacked, beaten unconscious by two others, Park Avenue & West 6th Street;

  6. Fight with serious injury -- Four males in fight behind Chez Maree, one now in coma with bleeding on the brain. If he dies, it will be homicide number 3.
Today's news includes bail being set for a homicide that occurred outside Chez Maree in December, 2008 (see here).

Plainfield Today readers may not be aware that the Police Division is understaffed.

In the past year there have been retirements and officers removed or resigned from the force in various court cases.

Word in the street is that Mayor Robinson-Briggs ABSOLUTELY REFUSES to consider hiring police officers laid off from other towns or law enforcement agencies, preferring instead to try and fill the ranks with Plainfield residents.

While that is a nice sentiment (and disregards the fact that police and fire employees CANNOT be required in NJ to reside in the town in which they work), the net effect has been ADDING ONLY ONE OFFICER in the past year, I believe (I am working from memory here, and stand to be corrected).

So, where do the public's safety and police effectiveness stand in the Mayor's list of priorities?

Let's hope it's not somewhere behind Leon's Catering.

-- Dan Damon

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Rob said...

YOUR QUESTION DAN: So, where do the public's safety and police effectiveness stand in the Mayor's list of priorities?
-- Here is the answer, right behind Assistant Mayor Sharon's priorities of what serves her and Mayor Jerry best. That's where they stand.

active citizen said...

This mayor is all talk and little or no, in most cases, action. She says what she thinks others want to hear and then does nothing. Remember this in November. Maybe it's time to give someone else a chance. Why stay with someone who doesn't work, literally.

Bill Hetfield said...

What does Plainfield expect? It only can get worse! So long as Green/Briggs, or for that matter any administration/council that refuses to enforce quality of life laws such as the property maintenance code. People causing crimes, of the nature you described, do not live in well maintained and well managed properties but in poorly maintained and poorly managed properties (slums). What is urban America's best kept secret? National, state & local housing policies that encourage poorer and problematic people, those described in your report, to live in the Plainfield's of America. There is money and political power in poverty and community dysfunctionality. Is there hope? Only if the people of Plainfield have the courage to elect people that will bring a different model of civic attention to goverance. This could result in a Plainfield where even the poorest of those in our midst would have hope that their lives have meaning and that their children can rise into the middle class. Are you optimistic?

Keep It Real said...

Are you willing to have your taxes raised to increase the police force? Or what are you willing to give up?

Anonymous said...

funny how NOW you want police....The Mayor is doing a GREAT JOB with handling the city and PRO Police...Next time get your FACTS straight!!!!

Get rid of incompetence or greedy politicians said...

To: Keep it real Why does everyone always think taxes need to go up to get additional policing or other beneficial things? Just cut the corruption and those things PLUS much more will pay for itself several times over. For every wasted minute and discussion set forth out of Dashield's mouth is 1/10 of a police officer. For every administration mistep, three officers could have been hired. Think Monarch, Muhlenberg, PMUA, Finance Officer, etc. Don't think for a second that we don't see what really goes on down there in City Hall. Hopefully the FBI will raid the place like they did in Hoboken, Jersey City, etc. When that day comes, you'll see so many residents REJOICING in the streets. The corrupt folks are no better than the guy who has a gun and steals!

Anonymous said...

I really don't have a comment. I would like to know what the article's reference to "behind Leon's Catering meant?

Dan said...

to 5:43 AM -- Leon's Catering is used by this administration to supply the ever-present eats at many events. Word is that a great deal of attention is paid to just what and how much to order.

Citizen safety should have the same meticulous care from Her Honor, that's all.

Dan said...

9:09 AM -- Your comment is not being published. 'Corruption' is not part of this story, and your comment is off-base.

You want published? Stick to the topic of the post.

Brenda Jackson said...

Dan you are the absoloute king of negativity. Bar none!!!

If the story is true and you have no facts (as always) to back up your rumor mill, but let us say it is true that they are focusing on Plainfield residents - I could just read your blog the day she hires Police Officers from out of town: "Mayor not willing to hire Plainfield residents? Goes out of town to hire. Plainfield residents not good enough? "

Either way she is dammed. You have too much idle time. They told me when I was young that idle time is the work of the devil. I think they were right.

You are a mean, bitter and angry man Dan. You should get some help for your own sake.

Anonymous said...

The current state of affairs in Plainfield government has led me to plan on voting Republican (for the first time ever) in the upcoming election. Can the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse be far behind?

Rob said...

To Brenda Jackson: I will commend you without an ounce of ill will on signing your name...Kudos to you. And I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Dan could be perceived as negative if he wasn't simply pointing common talking points. You can draw from it what you will. I take the information he provides and shake my head in disgust and shame in our political process. If Assistant Mayor Sharon, and that is a fact, she is Mayor Jerry's Assistant AT BEST, ON A GOOD DAY had an ounce of self pride or sense of civic duty she would actually do her job and look after this city. She was the one who ran on the principal of "NEEDING TO LOWER CRIME" yet hides from letting any crime being reported. Then to add insult to injury she gets rid of a independent police position to create a POLITICALLY APPOINTED post who answers to ... Who ?? WHO??? ANYONE ?? ANYONE?? YES...Answers to Mayor Jerry and her. Little wonder she has taken it upon herself to use the police as her own personal Gestapo to strong arm people who dissent with her and Mayor Jerry. SHAME ON HER and SHAME ON JERRY. When things ,as rumored as they are, start going in front of the authorities for Union County - including Jerry's personal buddy - CHARLOTTE don't think Mayor Jerry and Assistant Mayor Sharon aren't going to be hit with the mud when Charlotte starts singing. Then when people who stand there shocked and dismayed asking " How, How did this happen to us???" -- Remind yourself who you dared defend. I think you possess more self pride than the Assistant Mayor. I beg of you to take that pride and look at who you just defended.