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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Plainfield IT job is posted, get busy if you want it

Anyone interested in Plainfield's new IT position needs to get cracking.

The position has been posted (you can see the posting online at the League of Municipalities website here -- about three quarters of the way down the page). Here is the text of the post --

MANAGER 1 INFORMATION PROCESSING – PLAINFIELD CITY. The City of Plainfield is currently seeking applications for the position of Manager 1 Information Processing, responsible for organizing and directing the City’s information processing unit. Interested applicants must have a Bachelor’s Degree form an accredited college and five (5) years experience in work involving the development of application software and systems analysis and design in a multiplatform environment; two (2) years of which shall have been in a supervisory capacity. Applications with salary requirements may be submitted to the attention of Marc Dashield, City Administrator, City of Plainfield, 510 Watchung Avenue, Plainfield, NJ 07060. Please note that the City of Plainfield has a residency ordinance which may require that the successful candidate establish residency. The City of Plainfield is an equal opportunity employer. Ad Posted October 13th, Ad Removed October 31, 2009

The job should also be posted now on the bulletin board in the hall outside the Personnel Division on the third floor of City Hall, as required by law.

Call the Personnel Division at (908) 753-3401 for current information.

I would be happy to hear from anyone who submits a resum
é (email me here, in confidence), as I am quite concerned that talented and experienced Plainfielders who are interested get a REAL crack at this opportunity.

But note the posting expires on October 31 -- you must ACT QUICKLY and STAY ON TOP OF THINGS.

If you suspect a run-around or double-dealing, let me know.

The initial appointment will no doubt be, in Civil Service parlance, as a 'provisional' until the State issues a call for an examination for the position. Provisional employees are responsible for seeing that they take and pass the Civil Service examination in order to get permanent appointment to the position.

Interested? The ball is in your court.

Get a move on!

-- Dan Damon

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olddoc said...

Dashield has often said that applications for positions were also posted on the city site. I can not find any mention of the IT opening on the city site. If the initial date was Oct.13 and today is the 22nd where has it been posted and when????

Dan said...

Olddoc, you are right.

My notes show that Mr. Dashield told the Council that the job would be posted on the city's website, in addition to other notices.

I cannot find anything on the city's website, either.

Anonymous said...

That's because they don't have an IT person! Duh

Anonymous said...

You like it so much the first time
So I thought it be worth repeating
I'm not going to apply for this job
As my hair line doesn't need receeding

And just who will sign my paycheck
If there is no CFO
Will my bank cash my paycheck
Or just tell me NO!

But I'd like to be apponted
In an acting capacity
So i can post the opening online
For all the world to see

Reprinted from ealier post

I meet the qualifications
As a Director of IT
But with no staff to supervise
What would that make me?

So who would I direct
With no staff to be seen
And who do I work for
Is it Briggs or Green?

Or if I am to report
To the Director of Finance
Will he be here next year
Or is this his last dance?

So I'll think I'll pass
And stay unemployed
And watch the Council sit back
and become more annoyed.

Because this Administration
Can't manage or function
So the best thing to do
is hit the CTRL ALT DEL button.

Dan said...

@3:40 AM -- I still think Her Honor should appoint you poet laureate of Plainfield.

Acting Poet Laurete said...

I think you have the wrong times posted. No way did I post at 3:40 am and your reply at 4:23am

Dan said...

Acting PL --

It's a Google server problem, they have the Blogger servers on the Left Coast, set to their local time, and I've never been able to reset the time. So, if you're a jetsetter, you know the routine -- add three hours. Or is it subtract? Sheesh!