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Friday, October 30, 2009

UPDATE: Mayor Sharon and 'lying bloggers challenge'

Plainfield Mayor Robinson-Briggs said bloggers "dont' always tell the truth".

On October 16, Plainfield Today challenged Mayor Robinson-Briggs to cite chapter and verse to back up her charge that "city bloggers don't always tell the truth" (quoting Bernice, see here).

It is now two weeks since the challenge was issued, and no response from the Mayor -- except to assert at the League of Women Voters forum that residents can't get the facts from the blogs.

Chapter and verse please, Mayor. Readers are waiting.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

Taking the mayor at her word that Plainfielders can't get the facts from the blogs, where can they get the facts?

Anonymous said...

Talk about not always telling the truth. The mayor, herself, at the LWV forum said that the other two candidates should get involved in community service before they seek public office.

Nice the know the mayor is at least consistent. Both candidates have been involved in community service and activities. So the logical next sentence is that the mayor doesn't always tell the truth.

And, the mayor may want to take less than years to look at open board and commission positions. How can one become involved, Ms. Mayor, if you don't do anything to help them. YOU are the only one who can request the council appoint members on board and commissions, so YOU are not truthful in leading people to believe that they can help serve this city.

Rob said...

Seriously... and please don't anyone take this the wrong way,"The stupidity of that women never ceases to amaze me.. "

Anonymous said...

Two words from Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs:


active citizen said...

I have to agree with Rob. The stupidity and sheer arrogance of the women defies understanding. She also claims to be a Christian, but seems to play funny with the city money, make promises she doesn't follow up on and has to have Gerry Green set a fire under her to get things done.

Man, do we need to dump this woman so she can't do any more damage to Plainfield.

Keep It Real said...

Methinks SOME of the bloggers are thin-skin and almost seem hyprocritical.

Rob said...

Keep It Real said...

Methinks SOME of the bloggers are thin-skin and almost seem hyprocritical.

--- Keep It Real: Actually that post would point more toward Mayor Jerry & Assistant Mayor Sharon would can't admit they are wrong, get mad when they are wrong and it's pointed out, and don't believe in being held accountable for their misactions, misdeeds or lack or governance. SHE POINTEDLY SAID, " THEY LIE " . The bloggers all said, " About what and when "...nothing but silence as a response. Dan is merely pointing out the childish hold your breath until you get your way mentality which is the M.O. for Mayor Jerry and Assistant Mayor Sharon.
Personally.... Me thinks you are too far up Assistant Mayor Sharon's butt as all of your comments on the blogs post nothing but excuses for the "LACK of Dyanamic Duo" Mayor Jerry & Assistant Mayor Sharon. The bloggers aren't the ones standing in front on an audience pounding their fists on a podium, whining and crying " POOR ME ". That would be Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer your apparent benefactors.
DAN -- PLEASE POST too have to be tired of the Sharon and Jerry Fan Club