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Monday, October 19, 2009

Governor appoints Estevez to School Ethics Commission

Plainfield Board of Education member Christian Estevez has been appointed by Gov. Jon Corzine to a seat on the state's School Ethics Commission (see appointment here).

The School Ethics Commission is a nine-member body appointed by the Governor to oversee enforcement of the School Ethics Law, including conflicts of interest involving both BOE members and school administration staff as well as the Code of Ethics for School Board members (see more on the commission's duties here).

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear the bloggers' takes on the Jerry Green connection.

First, during the primary, Green incessantly blasts Estevez for being somehow unethical for being a member of the BOE while his wife gets a raise towards a six figure salary from the PSS.

Then, come the general election, when getting reelected and supporting the union's candidate trumps all, Green and Estevez are reported to have been seen kissing and making up.

Then there are rumors of Estevez being Green's next choice for mayor.

Then, ironically, Estevez is appointed to a state commission on school ethics, despite Green's earlier allegations, which will add to his credibility, either at the state or local level, in two or four years.

And I assume that Estevez's union has or will endorse both Corzine and Green.

Sounds like a good topic for at least one good size speculative post.

nudeal said...

Jerry Green must have used his influence to have Estevez appointed to the thics commission.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Christian!


Anonymous said...


Yep I Said It! said...

¡Felicitaciones Christian!

Perhaps Jerry will write up a nice Congratulations letter to you in his blog . . . NOT!

¡Buena suerte!