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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Another Connolly water shutoff notice posted

New water shutoff notice for 600 East Front Street.

For Connolly Properties' Plainfield residents, the news just doesn't stop being worrying.

A reader -- and Connolly tenant -- sent along the above photo, which she found on her building's door Friday with this note --
I'm sending a not so great shot of the water shut off notice on my building tonight as I arrived home from work. We also had notices posted in May before all the Connolly brouhaha went down. I'm also sending a copy to Marc Dashield. The photo of the notice is legible, but not truly great quality as I had to use the flash. It's on the front unable to lock front door. A bum was sleeping in the hallway the other day.

Argh ... and I do pay fair market value on the place.
Is the city working on the Connolly situation?

Readers of this blog who are Connolly residents have commented that the Mayor has not gotten back to them as she promised she would.

Meanwhile, tenants suffer indignities such as intruders (see note above) and worries over their future as tenants.

And the city faces having to pay to move any tenants if essential services (light, water, heat) are shut off.

-- Dan Damon

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Anonymous said...

If these tenants don't come out to vote and vote out the administration and Jerry, they better understand that nothing will change. Quite honestly, if the mayor gets in again, she has no reason to even pay the slightest bit of attention to the renters.

So, to all renters who vote, I ask you, how much help has the mayor been in preventing your problems, solving your problems and making sure they do not happen again? You have lived in this mess for how long before the administration even acknolwedged you? Do you think it was by accident that you got the mayor's ear during ELECTION year? How many years before this has she been paying attention to you?

Don't be foolish. Get out - vote November 3rd, and vote for Pivnichney, Vasting and Marks. You know what you get from this administration - voting in new blook cannot be worse, and my bet is that it will be better.

Rob said...

This issue WILL become a problem. And at that EXACT moment Mayor Jerry and his Assistant Mayor Sharon ( the Cheshire Cat -- where's the camera???? ) will parade themselves and the most vocal of tenants in front of the cameras ( Jerry and Sharon first of course, tenant last ) to pound their fists and express their outrage. The cameras will go away and so will Mayor Jerry's and Assistant Mayor Sharon's feigned outrage over the situation. Like the hospital, they will stand there with their hands on their butts, jaws laying on the floor saying, " Uhhhh...we don't know how this happened." What WOULD be nice is to see them with that look on their faces after the election, although we know it won't happen. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum will be elected back in. Connolley tenants...enjoy your bumpy ride cause I am sure it's going to get a lot worse.

active citizen said...

I agree with Anonymous that we who live in Connolly buildings need to vote mayor Sharon out of office. She failed us when she came into office and ended the practice of having property owners pay for a city inspection of apartments. She then ignored letters and emails sent to her about slum conditions at Connolly buildings a year before I wrote the petition that started all of this. Now she has refused to help the people she asked to form tenant associations and will not answer emails about the materials she promised.

She is useless to the citizens of Plainfield and is playing games with tax payer money. Lets' give someone else a chance, they can't be worse than her.