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Friday, August 17, 2007

Plainfielders garner HBO prize at Martha's Vineyard filmfest

Andrew Burroughs, Plainfielder, writer, director and producer.
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Lamar Mackson, Plainfielder, line producer.
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Plainfielders Andy Burroughs and Lamar Mackson are the writer/director/producer and line producer, respectively, of
"Algeny: The Genetic Factor", winner of the HBO 'Best Feature Film' award at this year's African-American Film Festival on Martha's Vineyard.

Here's the movie's synopsis --
Justin Thomas is a walking mystery. An orphan trying to make a life for himself in adulthood, he yearns to create the family he never had. But when he discovers the secrets of his past, his hopes for the future and his life are put in jeopardy.

Justin finds out that his body is an experiment that could change the nature of the world for good or ill. Those who want him will stop at nothing. The chase begins. When it ends, Justin will either assist mankind or help along its ultimate destruction. Which way will be a way out? Either way, his world will be forever changed in this all-too-present-day thriller.
For another story on the award, check The Black World Today here.

Does this mean we'll see it on HBO?

Let's hope. Soon.

Meanwhile, give a shout out for Andy and Lamar and the crew!

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-- Dan Damon

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