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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Plainfield businesses recovering

Dairy Queen's Donna Albanese was busy decorating birthday cakes Tuesday afternoon.
From Clinton Avenue in the west through Plainfield's downtown business district to Terrill Road in the east, folks were observed busily shopping, dining, getting nails and hair done and autos gassed up and repaired on Tuesday.

PSE&G and DPW crews continue to work at restoring power to the shrinking numbers of neighborhoods that are still out.

The city's website has shrunk the list of street closures from twelve to five --

  • Stelle Avenue near Plainfield Avenue
  • Putnam Avenue near Woodland
  • Watchung Avenue
  • Woodland Avenue
  • Belvidere Avenue
Be careful driving as there are still plenty of small pieces of branches and leaves in the roadways.

Check the city's website for further updates as the day goes by(see here).

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Michael Townley said...

It was refreshing to find some timely information on Plainfield's site re: road closings. Tried in vain to find similar info on websites for North Brunswick, Middlesex County, and a few others yesterday.

Bob said...

This is all well and good, but many people don't have internet yet. How do these people get their updates? The city hasn't been doing anything for these people. Sad we rely so heavly on technology, especially when a big section of our population have little access to technology.

Anonymous said...

Dear Bob,

That is why our Library is so important. PPL did not lose power, and had internet access.

So, when there is talk about the library funds being cut, please remember that it is the one place that people without internet can go and stay abreast of technology.

Joan Van Pelt said...

Given the fact that there was a utility pole and a maze of wire still across Sleepy Hollow Lane when Jim and I manage to sneak under wires and leave to a home with electricity - I think Sleepy Hollow should have been on the list.


Dan said...

Joan -- I don't know how they made up the list, but the snapped pole across from your house was replaced this afternoon and there was a large crew with three cherry pickers and a couple of other trucks at work. As I was leaving, they were lifting some of the wires back into place on the new pole. Don't know if you got power back yet, but your street was on somebody's list.