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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Final gun buyback opportunity today

Some of the weapons turned in at a gun buyback (not Plainfield).
Plainfield's gun buyback program, when weapons may be turned in anonymously and without any questions asked, concludes today at four more church locations between Noon and 4:00 PM --
  • St. Mary's Church, Liberty Street & West 6th

  • Ruth Fellowship Ministries, 735 South Second Street (near Spooner)

  • Mt. Zion AME Church, 630 East Front Street

  • First-Park Baptist Church, West 7th & Central Avenue
The program comes after a community-wide discussion of guns and youth violence was spearheaded last year by the Rev. Dr. Gerald Lamont Thomas, pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church. 

Plainfield's City Council was told on Monday by Public Safety Director Martin Hellwig that 21 weapons had been turned in during the first of two Saturday buyback programs,

Last Saturday's three locations were Shiloh Baptist, Grace Episcopal and Rose of Sharon churches.

According to Hellwig, the buyback program is funded by a $20,000 grant from the Union County Prosecutor's Office.

Hellwig said he expects more weapons to be turned in today as a result of positive 'word on the street' about the way the program works.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Who ever was involved in this buy back, is facing heavy jail time this gun buy back is totally illegal 1) the gun which is anonymously turned in could have been used in a crime and now a valuable piece of evidence cant be pinned to the crime "tampering with evidence" 2) according to n.j law a handgun cannot be transported period the only exemption is to and from the shooting range and between residence's just the latter alone carry's a mandatory 7 year sentence. 3) n.j does not allow for the anonymous surrender of firearms so all you corrupt do gooders us for real do gooders will make sure you pay for your crimes