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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Will Mayor drop ball on PMUA appointment?

The ball will be in Mayor Robinson-Briggs' court.
One item of business at last night's Plainfield Municipal Utilities Authority's board of commissioners meeting was filling the PARSA vacancy caused when David Ervin left the agency.

According to Leslie London, the board's attorney, the seat on the regional sewerage authority is to be filled by the PMUA executive director or designee, upon nomination by the Mayor and confirmation by the City Council. London was hopeful that the agency's new executive, Duane Young, could be put in place for PARSA's September meeting.

I rose to speak to this issue at the public comment period, reminding the Commissioners that the Council's August business meeting is set for next Monday (the 15th), and that if the nomination were not in their hands at that meeting no action could be taken until the middle of September. Even though this should be a pro-forma matter, care needed to be taken.

Both Ms. London and Chairman Harold Mitchell said that there would be no problem with the agency getting a letter to Mayor Robinson-Briggs right away.

I replied that getting the letter to City Hall was the easy part.

At which the room erupted in knowing laughter.

So, will Mayor Robinson-Briggs get the nomination to the Council in a timely fashion so they can take action next Monday?

What do you think?

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-- Dan Damon [follow]

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olddoc said...

Dan, Since it was not an item approved or discussed at the Agenda setting meeting an such resolution will have to be a "walk-on" item and approved by a super-majority for action.

Bob said...

Don't hold your breath for this mayor to do anything in a timely manner. I'm a democrat, but I can't support this loser of a mayor. Where's the recall petition!

Dan said...

Olddoc -- You're right the Council would have to vote to take it up, but Council president has the prerogative to put an item on the written agenda (as new business) at the time the agenda is prepared by the Clerk. That would constitute the 'best' scenario option in the little poll.

Having the Administration truly 'walk it on' on Monday evening, without its being on the printed agenda, would be the 'squeaker' option in the poll.

The remaining option would be the ususal course of events....