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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

3rd Annual Muhlenberg Closure Commemoration Saturday

Attendees at previous Commemorations.

Plainfielders and others in the former Muhlenberg Regional Medical Center's service area will gather Saturday afternoon for the third annual commemoration of the hospital's closure.

While Solaris Health System no longer allows the use of the parking lot at Randolph Road and Park Avenue, where previous commemorations were held, 'the sidewalks belong to the people' as Muhlenberg activist Dottie Gutenkauf notes.

Sponsored by the the POP/Restore Muhlenberg Coalition, the gathering will be along Park Avenue near the Randolph Road intersection. In previous years, attendees have carried large posters and invited passersby to honk in support of the effort to reopen Muhlenberg either as an acute care hospital or with another health-related focus.

The Satellite Emergency Division which operates out of the Muhlenberg campus is only guaranteed for two more years, so the future of the SED will surely be one of the questions on people's minds. Supporters have also expressed concerns about securing another ambulance to serve the Plainfield area as well as the future of the Muhlenberg Foundation, which controls monies raised in support of the former hospital.

Third Annual

Saturday, August 13

4:30 PM

Park Avenue & Randolph Road

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Rob said...

Jerry and Sharon have repeatedly said how this was from the very beginning their priority...I am sure they will be there fighting the fight like they were from the beginning. I mean, that's what really happened, right? I think I remember the speeches and Jerry pounding on his bully pulpit in Trenton stating how this wouldn't be allowed...and Sharon and him leading the marches and protests...this is what happened right?? I mean, they live solely to fight for the people of Plainfield, right? Just trying to refresh my memory and the memories of the mindless party line voters for when they go and vote for Jerry next..

Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Dan: I have been forced to visit JFK recently to visit a sick friend. There are large proclamations in the lobby about "the future of emergency medicine" which is promised for Edison. I suspect that "future" does not include Muhlenberg.

Dottie Gutenkauf said...

The State Health Planning Board mandated that Solaris keep the Muhlenberg Emergency Room open until 2013.

Solaris plans to open a new ER facility at JFK in 2013. I don't believe this is merely a coincidence!

BTW, the Muhlenberg ER is still doing a great job with a lot of use by Plainfielders and others.

Hope to see you all on Saturday...