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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Share your Hurricane Irene conditions here

Weather map as of 7:15 AM, showing Plainfield on the light/heavy borderline.
Use the comments section to report conditions in your neighborhood. Please be sure to note the time you are writing, and if there are trees down in the street or wires down give the location as exactly as you can and I will forward.

NOTE: YOU CAN HELP WITH STORM DRAINS: You can help by checking storm drains near your home and removing debris that is reducing or stopping flow. Place on median between curb and sidewalk so it doesn't wash back into opening.

Out on my newspaper run shortly after 5 AM, I found all of downtown and North Plainfield totally blacked out.

Since the stores were blacked out, there were no papers to be found, so I explored a little bit.

East Front and East Second Street and surrounding area were in total darkness, with Front Street barricaded east of Richmond.

North Avenue and South Avenue were out around Netherwood Station.

South of East and West 7th Street were out.

My neighborhood (west of Plainfield Avenue) appeared to have power from Front Street to the South Plainfield line.

Numerous branches were down, but I saw no wires down. No streets I saw were obstructed, though the largest branch I saw down -- at West Front and Sycamore -- lay across the sidewalk and over the curb.

There was no evidence of flooding at any of the NJT overpasses, including Watchung Avenue, which was flooded during a recent storm. But I did not get over to the far East 3rd Street area, where there is often water in the street.

Share your conditions and I will post through comments.

All official Plainfield emergency information and contact numbers are on the city website, see link below. [This post made at 7:40 AM.]

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Stillman gardens still flooded but water receeding. Power still out at 12:10

Bob said...

I took a walk around this morning and a tree near Hillside and Evergreen put power out in the area. Two trees blocked Putnam near Woodland. A tree was uprooted and leaning across Hillside near and Lake. The crew was out early removing a free by the library that blocked Park Ave.

We were lucky and there was minimal damage as far as I could see in this area. Putnam and other areas were flooded early today and quickly dried up. Thank God for being with us.

Rebecca Williams said...


Trees down across Laramie Road, Charlotte, Belvidere, Dorsey, Oakland, Evergreen, Watchung--more than those, though, and many on private property--also lots of branches and debris--some moved to the side for pick up by DPW. I also saw several PSE&G trucks, DPW, tree service trucks, and PMUA out. One issue in my neighborhood (area of Woodmere, Leland, Cushing Place, etc.) was that many of the storm drains were/are clogged, which causes greater flooding. I have checked on constituents and left flyers with some of the emergency numbers. I am hopeful that all power will be restored today, and that the trees will be cleared/removed to make them passable.


Anonymous said...

Well I did notice there was and is NO sight, word, or guidance from the Honorrible Mayor Sharon RobinsonBriggs.