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Monday, August 22, 2011

The Barclays: Traffic Update

Muhlenberg's Park Avenue lot, 8 AM today, Snyder Nursing Schools in background.
Whether or not anyone included Plainfield in the planning, it's going to be Barclay's, Barclay's, Barclay's all day, every day this week.

Here is a brief overview of the traffic and parking situation as of Monday --

Woodland Avenue, Inman Avenue, Maple Avenue, and Old Raritan Road will be a mess. If you DON'T HAVE DESTINATIONS ON THESE ROADS, save yourself some grief and skip them. Make alternate plans.
Closed between Maple Avenue and Oak Tree Road
Southbound traffic will be forced to Park Avenue at Maple Avenue light, so why bother?
Traffic will be heavier, so just plan a little more time.
If you're traveling by ambulance, road conditions will probably not be on your mind; trust the the EMTs have been briefed and have plans in place. If you're going for an appointment, plan an alternate route and give yourself plenty of time.
The PGA has arranged parking and shuttles for all sorts and conditions of those attending:
  • General Attendance: Parking at former Oak Ridge Golf Course in Clark; shuttle.
  • Volunteers: Parking at Bishop Ahr High School on Tingley Lane; shuttle.
  • VIPs: Parking at Woodbridge Mall; shuttle.
While I have been told there is no official participation by Solaris in parking arrangements, readers alerted me last night that there was at least one RV parked overnight in the Park Avenue lot. Checking at 8 AM this morning, there were about forty cars parked in the lot (some may be Solaris employees manning the emergency services tent, but I'll bet not all), and I saw a black minivan loading up passengers, presumably to shuttle to PCC. Though some have told me they are planning to park in a Muhlenberg lot and walk over, you should be aware you could be towed if you park in any of the Muhlenberg Campus lots.


Pat Turner Kavanaugh said...

Suzanne Russell's article in today's Courier says both that southbound traffic on Woodland will be diverted west at South End Parkway, and that it will be diverted west at Maple Avenue. I'm a Barclay's volunteer, and I was told yesterday at training to be dropped off at Maple and Woodland. I stopped at Police HQ this morning, and a mentally and physically sloppy cop told that me that because someone in administration - "all they do is buy pens," he said - had ignored an email from the Barclay's or a neighboring P.D., the City's Finest have no involvement and no information. He said to call Edison.
Also, as far as I know, volunteer parking is at Menlo Park mall. Plainfield YMCA has almost 50 volunteers working the Barclay's - each of us paid $65 to do so, and the PGA makes a contribution for our work to the YMCA.

Anonymous said...

Getting to JFK is going to be quite a trick during this week. Possible route is Rahway Rd straight to Inman Ave. L and then a right onto Grove follow to T left then right to head toward Oak Tree. Traffic is going to be fierce.

Rob said...

Here's the BEST PART !!

THANK YOU Borough of South Plainfield for the updates and traffic advisories via reverse 911 that I have been receiving on my phone.
It's so nice to see a local government provide services instead of excuses.

Plainfield NJ...we got your back, because we are always one step behind!

Anonymous said...

What does Plainfield have to offer visitors? Downtown shopping at 99 cent stores,pawn shops,bong shops.Why didn't the Mayor spend $20,000 on a music in the Cedarbrook Park or Muhlenburg Hospital parking lot during this week? Think of all the $$ Plainfield could have made, instead South Plainfield and Edison will be making all the $$ from our PLAINFIELD COUNTRY CLUB event. So very sad we are missing the boat

Anonymous said...

Pat... I agree with 100%, some of our police officers are a disgrace to their profession the way they comport themselves. Don't they have inspections any more?

tpoto said...

Can I take the nj transit train to
one of the 2 stops near the course and
walk? Might they have a shuttle at
the train station?

Dan said...

tpoto -- The closest NJT station would be Plainfield's Netherwood Station. Walking is theoretically possible (it's probably a couple of miles), but you would probably be better riding to the Plainfield Main Station downtown and taking a cab. If you do use a cab, make sure to note the phone number as you will have to call for a cab to return from PCC to the train.