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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Downtown flooding Monday

Watchung Avenue was closed at the NJT overpass shortly after 4 PM.
A driver wisely chose not to challenge Mother Nature.
Plainfielders caught in Monday afternoon's downpour may have had varying success getting around town.

Downtown streets were curb high with water during the heaviest part of the storm, which seemed to drain well -- except for Watchung Avenue under the New Jersey Transit overpass, where police had to block off the street shortly after 4 PM because of chest-high waters backed up under the bridge.

Other underpasses westward, including Park and Madison Avenues were unaffected. There are rumors that New Jersey Transit will begin work on overpasses to the east of downtown sometime this fall, continuing the long-rage plan to renovate and repair Plainfield's NJT crossings.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

I was heading out to teach my evening class and I turned down Fourth St. because of the mess under the trestle. I also found deep water when I hit the turn off Watchung to head for the Watchung Circle. I wonder if on Friday storm drains were cleaned by the city in the areas that flood. We knew this was coming, so the city should have been doing triage. I guess that's too much to expect from this administration.