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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

[PARSA] Communications from Mayor: None submitted

Screenshot from Monday's Council agenda.
The screenshot from Plainfield City Council's agenda says it all, 'Communications from the Mayor: None submitted.'

Specifically, the Mayor's nomination of PMUA Executive Director Duane Young to the PARSA (Plainfield Area Regional Sewerage Authority) board of commissioners was neither in the Council's Friday packet nor walked-on Monday evening.

So much for the PMUA commissioners' hope the pro forma matter would be taken care of in a timely fashion so that Mr. Young could be seated in time for the PARSA board's September meeting.

71% of respondents believed Mayor wouldn't be up to the challenge.

Those of you who voted (cynically?) in the poll that Mayor Robinson-Briggs would simply not come through turned out to be right. (I actually cut her some slack; I voted for the 'squeaker' option that it would be walked-on Monday evening. Sucker!)

Now we have to wait and see if Her Honor gets her act together for the September Council meetings.

As I said to PMUA counsel Leslie London at their meeting, getting the request to the Mayor's office would be the easy part.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Bob said...

Waiting for this mayor to get her act together is like waiting in a line that doesn't move. This woman is so unable to perform her duties, I wonder why we keep her in office. Even staunch Sharon supporters no longer support her and believe she has let the people of Plainfield down. I guess, if she's not giving food away, at the tax payer's expense, she can't do much well. Why don't I hear about a recall.

Anonymous said...

Is she gone yet?

Rob said...

I voted squeaker but honestly wanted to hit "no"...
Would the surprise crowd again start the gasps of amazement.