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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Crews continue to bring power back, residents pitch in

Cutting up tree is only first step to restoring power in Chetwynd Avenue neighborhood.

Stubborn pockets without power are still to be found in Plainfield even though PSE&G crews are working 16-hour days to bring everyone back online.

The tree that brought power outages to the Chetwynd Avenue neighborhood has been removed from the roadway, but PSE&G workers told me that a transformer that was knocked out still needs to be replaced.

Afterwards, I found a PSE&G crew of a dozen or so had replaced a snapped telephone pole in front of 1785 Sleepy Hollow Lane and were re-attaching downed power lines, though I have not heard yet that the power is finally back on.

Crew with cherrypickers replaced snapped pole on Sleepy Hollow Lane with a new one.

Navigating the streets of the Sleepy Hollow section was made difficult by the many street closing still enforced.

Meanwhile, a reader has reported that a crew of men and youth volunteers from the St. Marks Place Block Association cleared the storm drains on Netherwood Avenue and that 'Lake Netherwood' is gone -- for now. Special thanks for the community spirit to: Tyrone Coley, Tyrone Coley, Jr., Breard Fitch and Gregory Hawkins and the youth volunteers. 

Volunteers cleared storm drains at 'Lake Netherwood'.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Ron said...

Chetwynd had power back as of 730 last evening....I guess they might need to take it off again while they repair the transformer?

Bob said...

I keep reading on Clips that the City's website is updated, but people are totally frustrated, since many of them have no electricity, internet, or phone service, so what good does that do them. What is this administration doing to get into the communities and handing out information. We sure have gotten lazy relying too much on technology.

Bob Bolmer

Joan Van Pelt said...

1785 is back on as are most of the others on the street. 1776 is still out as of noon. Hoping they reconnect our line to the street soon.


P.S, Would like to get back to town and have lights.

Anonymous said...

PSE&G is doing an outstanding job. However, I feel as if our little street (130-136 McKinley Place) has been forgotten. There's a tree holding on to a wire that might give in at any time, if that wire snaps, the apartments next to us, will lose power. We have called PSE&G, but not one person has yet to show up to see or assess the damaged pole.

Rob said...

Got ANOTHER update from South Plainfield via reverse 911 calling ( do they do it ??? Magic I guess, right??) updating their citizens regarding updates, emergency information, FEMA and additional zone by zone curbside yard waste pickup in the upcoming days to help with the mess from the hurricane.
Mmmmm.....Interesting. The city government actively attempting to inform the populace. Novel idea I guess.

Gregg Hawkins said...

Regarding Lake Netherwood residents must bring back the NEIGHBOR in NEIGHBORHOOD!!!!...And oh Lake Netherwood's 'lil son came (last nite around 9p) and left!....Kudos!!!! to the police officer which blocked off Netherwood Ave. & Front Street around 9:08pm