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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Plainfield ready for hurricane, are you?

Falling trees pose a real threat in Plainfield,
as shown at West 8th and Grant after 2000 storm.

Though Hurricane Irene appears to have lost some of its punch as it moves northward from the Carolinas, Plainfield is still in line for plenty of rain and winds.

Plainfield's complete hurricane preparedness information was available on the city's website early last evening
(see here) -- including shelter locations.

The city is asking residents not to park in the streets. This is sensible and will only pose a difficulty for renters whose landlords do not provide enough off-street parking. Or who charge tenants for it -- let's hope those landlords will bend a little in the face of the storm and give the tenants a break.

If you haven't laid in your supplies of food and water, you may find yourself out of luck. When I shopped late yesterday afternoon, milk, water, bread and eggs were flying off the shelves and already in short supply.

About those trees: Be careful parking your vehicles near or under large trees. You don't want to have that West 8th Street experience!

Lastly, a little sympathy for the Barclays Tournament organizers, who have had all their laborious plans rained on, so to speak. Can we promise them that their return to the Plainfield Country Club in 2014 will be better?

Weather-wise, and with a new mayor who will understand the importance of taking part in the planning and marketing of such an economically powerful event.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

What's wrong Dan, no positive comments about an administration being proactive? Where are your groupies Rob and Bob?

K Donhauser said...

Dan, If I recall correctly, Vivian Scherer, the former weather watcher for Plainfield area, told me the record was 6.2 inches of rain on Aug 2, 1973 in 3 hours [yes my family walked down to Green Brook Park to watch the flooding in it, just as it was designed to do]. There was a 48 hour higher amount, also. This I remember from working with Kanti Patel on the Engineering Division reports after the Aug 2, 1973 and July 1975, flooding to prepare for federal funding for the then Tract 19, now Milt Campbell field retention basin; both our years on the Green Brook Flood Control Commission member, and CRS coordinator for FEMA Flood Insurance plan discount the City had then. But now all I can do is hope NO new records are established, other than pounds of popcorn eaten at home this Saturday night. Reminder to those in the East End, put your sanitary sewerage plugs in the basement toilets & wash tubs ... just in case !!

Ken Donhauser