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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hidden Plainfield: Triplets, separated at birth

For today, triplets, but located in different neighborhoods.

This week's Hidden Plainfield takes its cue from a comment last week suggesting that we occasionally visit PAIRS of houses.

Several immediately came to mind, but I thought it might be fun to kick off such an exploration with TRIPLETS.

Today's THREE houses are built from the same Shingle Style-inspired plan and each probably dates to the turn of the 20th century (more about the Single Style here).

The three are found in separate neighborhoods of the city.

Can you identify their locations?

Answer tomorrow.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

These are on W 8th. Beautiful houses and beautiful street.

Pat and Bill Kelleher said...

Our house (built in 1904) on West 8th Street is the first house you show. The second one is on Madison Ave. between Stelle and Randolph. The third one is on Hillside Ave. There is a fourth house on Belvidere Ave. I think we are quads. It was nice to see our home in print!

Pat and Bill Kelleher said...

Our house (built in 1904)on West 8th St is the first one pictured. The second house is on Madison Ave. between Stelle Ave. and Randolph Rd. The third house is on Hillside Ave. BUT there is a fourth look a like on Belvidere Ave. Are we quads?

Pat and Bill Kelleher

Anonymous said...

Not sure of the first 2, but the last is on Hillside Ave. It is a gorgeous home inside as well.

Anonymous said...

The last one I think is at the corner of Hillsdide and Highland. I would love to know where the others are. All look like they are the pride of their respective property owners, they are so well kept.

Michael Townley said...

The first one is on West Eighth Street between Spooner and Grant (I know the owners.)

The second one is on Madison between Stelle and Randolph (my aunt and uncle owned it before the current owners.)

The third one...sorry, not a clue.

Anonymous said...

HILLSIDE AVE The King Family House- and the madison Ave House