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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Slideshow: Muhlenberg Closure Commemoration 2011

About eighty supporters gathered to commemorate Muhlenberg's closing.
Plainfielders and residents of other towns affected by Muhlenberg's closure gathered on the Park Avenue side of the campus yesterday afternoon to commemorate the third anniversary of the hospital's closing and talk about the health-related issues facing the community and what needs to be done.

The event was emceed by Muhlenberg activist Dottie Gutenkauf, who introduced various speakers including local religious leaders, elected officials and other Muhlenberg activists, among whom were POP leaders Larry Hamm and Steven Hatcher.

Here is a slideshow from the event.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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True American Patriot said...

Now did the rest of the eighty people arrive after you took the pictures, or did Glenn Beck or the Rev. Al estimate your crowd size for you?

I see that you were well represented. The aged and infirm, Black and White,the aging 60s radicals and of course, the folk singer with the protest songs in his Repertoire.

Where were the far left liberal progressive POP members?

I'm very sure that if you would have had Sarah Palin at your event, you would have had thousands of people and the news media (the Pros, not the local hacks) there.

This is what has been wrong with Plainfield all along...APATHY!

Anonymous said...

Exactly what kind of "American Flag" are they flying?!?!

Dan said...

TAP -- Speaking of 'apathy', were you there?

If you were, you would know that the point was to attract the attention of drivers on Park Ave, so everyone was strung out, not nice and pretty like a high school class picture. As for the count, I quickly counted everyone (didn't even have to take my shoes off), but said 'about' since there were people coming and going throughout the rally.

Dan said...

Anon, I don't know about the flag. There were peace symbols in the blue field, I think. Nobody said it was an American flag.

Rob said...

that flag is called the "Corporate American" flag...with the obvious implication that are leaders have sold out our country to the corporations...which, we know they have...Blatantly ( the Republicans ) and on the sly pretending they didn't do it ( the Democrats ). You can buy these just google "corporate american flag" and should be taken to the correct sights. Mmmmm...still wondering what some people got for rolling over and playing dead for Solaris...oh that's right, they'll be getting elected again...
Good thing we have our own little protector in the State Legislature right here in Plainfield.
VOTE DEMOCRAT, Right down the column it's the only way to guarantee the other hospital and services in Plainfield aren't cut like last time by, uh, mmmm, the uh..Democrats?

True American Patriot said...

Both the Muhlenberg closure and the plight of the Plainfield rescue squad have adversely impacted my quality of life on a grand scale!

Why was I not present? Apathy? Definitely not! It was moral outrage and conscience!

Unlike you and your ilk, I would not stake a child out in the middle of a field to use as bait to catch a coyote!

But of course, you are a Progressive and are therefore not bound by the same set of rules as the average decent American!

You picked a perfect hero in Teddy, you should read what my great grandfather and my great uncle both had to say about him. . .oh and by the way both were Teddy's superiors in Havana!

Anonymous said...

People are very busy with other worthwhile events in addition to Muhlenburg. I was not at the event, but am no less outraged or supportive of bringing it back.

You know what happens when you assume.....