The needler in the haystack.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Marketing 101 (Illustrated): Communicate your services to your audience

Store on North Avenue across from Plainfield Station touts its offerings.
Plainfield businesses of all sorts are busy marketing to their audiences. Here are two samples of one of the most important points: communicating your services to your audience.

Tower also buys Junck Cars, Used Tired and Motos,
and has a big rig to prove it.

-- Dan Damon [follow]
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Rob said...

Marketing 101: KISS - Keep it simple stupid... That first picture is an example of so much "crap" in the window you don't try reading any of it... Crisp and clean will invite people to look into your or two prominent signs will actually cause people to read them... Doesn't Plainfield have an ordinance for square footage of windows being covered with, for lack of a better term...Crap ?? Oh, sorry that's right...this is Plainfield..set your expectations low and keep em there.

Anonymous said...

I lost all hope for Plainfield... As soon as this market stabilizes and I can sell my house, I'm moving from this sorry excuse of a city.

Anonymous said...

whats with all the clutter in that window?

Anonymous said...

What has the inspection dept been doing all summer? Downtown Plainfield is 1 hot mess! Dirty sidewalks and stores who cover their windows with paper signs! What happened to our Queen who promised to bring new business to our City? Is this what she calls marketing,having Dollar stores,Bail bonds,Rent to own,pawn shops,and stores selling bongs? No wonder no one shops Downtown Plainfield and we have so many stores vacant. One thought,maybe she should hire some of the men who hang out on Front St in the AM to clean up the downtown area since her own Public Works Dept cant keep up.

Anonymous said...

Marketing?? Downtown Plainfield has turned into 1 big fat flea market! Dirty looking streets,sidewalks,and store windows. Citizens should take a good look to see what Green/Briggs has let our City turn into! The Mayor should have spent $20,000. on cleaning up downtown and not on music on the Plaza for her friends to gain $$$$.