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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Would District 22 reshuffle put Green in jeopardy?


One of the interesting redistricting rumors making the rounds is that the 22nd Legislative District, where Plainfield's Dem chair Jerry Green is also an Assemblyman, may be reshuffled as part of the redistricting process now under way.

Today is the day that the Redistricting Commission must either announce that a compromise between the GOP and Democratic versions of a redrawn legislative has been reached -- or that things are at an impasse and an 11th member will have to be appointed by Chief Justice Rabner (see more here).

I'm opting for impasse, just as the last time ten years ago.

There is talk this time around, reinforced by Tea Party activists, of making more competitive districts. Given that we have a Republican governor and the GOP has its best chance now of shaping the Legislative makeup for the next decade, the question is whether making more districts truly competitive would end up working in the favor of the GOP.

The 22nd District is the subject of rumors noted in a recent PolitickerNJ story (see here), but also confirmed to me by an individual who keeps up with Trenton goings-on.

Reconfiguring the 22nd District by stripping heavily-Democratic Linden and adding two heavily GOP Somerset County towns (Watchung and Warren), could put both Assembly seats -- Jerry Green's and Linda Stender's -- in jeopardy. Additionally, severing Linden would mean scuttling Nick Scutari as the district's senator, opening up the question of a contested Senate race.

A review of the 2009 race shows Green bested Marks by only 2,046 votes. A reconfigured district could turn a race into a real contest.

If the 11th member is added after today, the Redistricting Commission will have until April 4 to get the new map in place.

Interesting times, indeed.

    -- Dan Damon [follow]

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    Anonymous said...

    This isn't a "rumor making the rounds," it's just the wishful thinking of someone who was an unsuccessful candidate last time around--and those who support him, of course, are feeding the rumor.