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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Those PMUA 'resignations'? Take with a grain of salt

Plainfielders attending Monday night's Council meeting had an extra special treat: the (undated) 'Press Statement' announcing the coming departures of Executive Director Eric Watson and Deputy ED David Ervin, and the expected retirement of CFO James Perry, and which formed the basis of Mark Spivey's scoop for the Courier (see here).

It is an odd document for a press release: part news item (a list of eight initiatives under way or about to be), part encomium for the departing executives, and part whiny kvetch over the nerve of the public for criticizing the PMUA.

(Would it be unduly critical of me to note that the 'press statement' cannot be found on the PMUA's website, the last press item on which -- see here -- is dated November 23, 2010?)

Maybe Mr. Watson is right, and it is 'time for new leadership'.

As for the allegedly abusive criticism, all I can say is it has seemed pretty mild to me, given Plainfield's history of inventive acrimony.

Which makes me wonder if there's something more than meets the eye here?

Is it possible that Watson and Ervin, inseparable in their departure as they have been in their PMUA careers, are moseyin' on over to some other field of endeavor...together?

And could it also be that the timing has less to do with any public criticism than with an attempt by Assemblyman Jerry Green, who many say is having his 'last hurrah', to control one last time the choice of successor executives?

At any rate, you can be sure of one thing: All you've been told is hardly all there is to be said on this subject.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Nat Singleton said...

These comments were, als, sent to Old Doc's blog:
'To my knowledge there is only one person on the current board who could be consider a McWilliams appointee and that person may have been reappointed by the current mayor.
I was the first appointee during the McWilliams administration and that was as an alternate. The other members were appointed by the prior administration.
As to any perks that I may have received, the easiest way to resolve that is to publish the benefits received by all the commissioners during their term of service to include stipends, medical, trips, meals and whatever other cost were incurred. I have no problem with this being made public and think the citizens of Plainfield have a right to know how their dollars were spent. I have pointed out that recently boss Green showed up at my house and asked me if I was interested in being reappointed to the PMUA board. I turned him down. See my blog post click here ‘Assemblyman Jerry Green, closeted Anti-Semite in sheep's clothing’, 11/24/10.
Just in case:

Rob said...

In a nutshell...laying off actual WORKERS in the city of Plainfield....anyone on the PMUA...BUY YOUR OWN, retirement etc...then we'll see the costs associated with the PMUA drop significantly. Will it happen...NO until Chris Christie comes to Plainfield to clean Mayor Jerry's cuckoo clock..
WERE Mayor Jerry seriously interested in a legacy he could clean house at the PMUA and straighten it up ALA Chris Christie style ( ignoring all the previous back room deals he set up ) and then introduce legislation in the State Assembly -- being the 3rd most powerful person in the NJ State Assembly -- requiring all Authorities in the State of NJ come clean, open all records and change the way they do business.
But, again, that fantasy is reserved for the Jerry Green in the alternate reality who believes his legacy should be one of destroying cronyism and making a record of standing up for the taxpayers a priority.
We can all wish...Can't we?
( Yes Jerry, this was posted with the hope, that sense common sense escapes you, the you will take this suggestion and RUN WITH IT. I will even promise to NEVER say that it was my idea for you to do it. MAKE YOUR EXISTENCE MEAN SOMETHING to NJ and Plainfield.. PLEASE )

Anonymous said...

Who has ever heard of an "open ended" resignation. They aren't really going to resign. There is more to this. Hopefully Chris is on his way to investigate.