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Monday, March 21, 2011

New blogger joins Plainfield lineup: ke' stans

Welcome Plainfield's newest blogger, Kevin Stansbury (ke' stans), blogging at Through The Lens of An Urban Educator (see here, where you will find two fresh posts already).

ke' stans has a Masters degree in urban education (with honors) and a B.A. in British Literature, cum laude. He is currently the site administrator of the Barack Obama Academy for Academic and Civic Development, located at 1200 Myrtle Avenue (the former Jefferson School).

ke' stans will be devoting his blogging efforts to clarifying the issues facing urban educators and urban school districts, bringing to bear both the insights from his academic background and relevant grounding in his real world education experiences.

Though he will be addressing issues of interest to those in urban education nationwide, local readers will benefit from a close reading both for a discussion of issues and philosophies, and for an opportunity to see how these play out (or can play out) in the Plainfield setting.

ke' stans can be followed on Twitter:  @kestans. He also welcomes comments on the blog (just click on the word 'comments' at the end of a post to open the comments window).

I will include lead-ins to his posts in the CLIPS daily overview.

Though I don't make a habit of counting blogger noses in other communities, I am sure that having ke' stans join the Plainfield lineup keeps us in the vanguard of communities of our size (and we all know that's OVER fifty thousand).

Welcome ke' stans!

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...


Mr. Stansbury notes that he has a graduate degree and graduated cum laude. But he doesn't state what schools he attended, which is unusual. Do you know?