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Monday, March 28, 2011

FBI in Plainfield investigation?

Word in the street is that FBI investigators are conducting interviews in Plainfield with an eye to at least one possible criminal prosecution.

What could this be about?

I propose that you, dear readers, weigh in on what you think is up.

Here are some thoughts that come to mind as far as the City goes --

  • $20,000 WBLS payment (the Feds are interested in what banks do with their money, especially since the 'contribution' came within a month of the City depositing $29 million with the bank);

  • Sheetrocking Tepper's basement (paid for with Federal money; the world's most expensive sheetrocking?, which neither the Council nor the public has yet to lay eyes on);

  • ARRA Jobs Training Program (Federal grant awarded to The Incubator, despite not being certified to conduct such programs).
But that's just a few thoughts that come to mind regarding the CITY.

There are, of course, other possibilities -- the PMUA, the Housing Authority, the Board of Ed -- though I've not heard any rumbles about these.

What do you think?

Vote in the TOTALLY UNSCIENTIFIC poll in the right hand column.

(I'll keep it up until Sunday; poll jocks need not comment about its validity. Thank you.)

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Or perhaps it is about bloggers and their access to the secret underpinnings of Plainfield. Waaahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Rob said...

IF ONLY: Since I can only choose 1 I will have to decide between my hopefuls of PMUA, Tepper's and the WBLS payment. NOTHING would please me more, admittedly, to see Sharon with the FBI's microscope deep up her behind and the cloud of dust as Jerry is running in the other direction to distance himself from her telling all of the voters in Plainfield he had been warning us about her. ( Believe it Sharon, if it ever will be diseased limb he will be chopping off faster than you can utter the words,"Jerry, help me" )
Ahhhhhhhhhhhh...right up there with a cold beer on a hot summer's day.

Bob said...

Maybe the FBI is here to investigate why the people of Plainfield are stupid enough to keep this mayor in office and see if there is some alien conspiracy to brainwash all of us. You never know. Pehaps we are typical or the stupidest people on the planet to put up with Shady Sharon.

Maria Pellum, Plainfield Resident said...

Oh! I like Bob's comment. Yes. It makes sense. We should be the ones being investigated, and put up under a microscope (although not Rob's style). Just imagine the headlines on this one:

Plainfield Residents Being Investigated by FBI

FBI Uncovers Why Plainfield Voters Keep Voting Same Pols In

FBI Pleads To Support Smart Voters After Investigation

And on, and on, and on....

Anonymous said...

Can I vote for all of the above? I sure hope the FBI finds something. I don't care what, as long as it is link to this mayor.

Anonymous said...

I am with 8:13a. Investigating Plainfield voter stupidity.

YEP I SAID IT!!! said...

This is one time I welcome the FBI. Loose lips sink ships. Hopefully, Sharon's ship will be sunk!

And . . . Jerry Green's anchor will be destroyed!


Anonymous said...

Well, it can't be about the complaint I filed with the EPA over the PMUA it's the wrong department! I think it's bigger than any of the things mentioned, if in fact people are being interviewed. Or....maybe it has to do with Dr. Gallon...

Anonymous said...

I really hope this is true Dan and not an early April Fool's joke. BTW how do you know these things? You better watch out before they start investigating you. I have to go with the PMUA...Wouldn't that explain those sudden resignations? You know it had nothing to do with Watson's "concern" for the employees! HAHAHAHAAHAHA! I will be the first to say I TOLD YOU SO to all of the people who kept giving the PMUA the benefit of the doubt. GO FBI!!!!

Anonymous said...


You need to have an "Other" choice in your poll. It's probably not anything as obvious as those choices listed but something far worse that we had no idea was going on. Perhaps Bibi dropped a dime to the FBI as a Thank You to Sharon for throwing her a baby shower just before she fired her.

taxman said...

FBI investigations are nothing new to Plainfield. I guess the good people of this blog revel in someone else's demise. If Plainfield voters are so stupid...then run for office.

Anonymous said...

Let's see...
PMUA? - resignations
City? - Sharon's WBLS and additional missing funds
Housing Authority? - Blind Eye
Elections? - use of city issued cell phones
Hellwig? - Massage anyone
Jerry Green? - cricket cricket

The City is prone to corrupt folks. One can only hope that the FBI is really investigating at MULTIPLE levels of city government.

Anonymous said...