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Friday, March 25, 2011

Condolences to Ron Lattimore's family and colleagues

Plainfield has lost a member of a storied family with the tragic passing of Lt. Ron Lattimore of the Police Division.

My condolences along with those of other residents go out to Lt. Lattimore's family and his colleagues. The extended Lattimore family has a tradition of public service to the Plainfield community which Ron proudly shared, both as youth director of the YMCA and later as a sworn officer in the Police Division.

Ron and his family and colleagues are in the thoughts and prayers of many in this time of need.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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tyrone1 said...

On behalf of my family, Thank You.

Susan Lattimore Jackson

Anonymous said...

RIP Ronald Lattimore. I will always love you!

Vikki said...

I am so saddened by this news. I use to talk to Ron all the time. Do to a job change I have not really spoke to him in some time. I cant believe that this seemed to be Rons answer to whatever was going on. He was such a sweet, level minded man and very well liked!! I wish he saw another way around this. I have read alot of different comments on different sites. Most positive but some not so much. Please.. you do not know this man personally so dont assume this was his way out cause of bad. Please have more respect for him his family and all the people he has touched through his years.Ron always listened to me like he was my therapist. He always told me to stay positive. He was awesome and I will continue to think he is awesome. I just wish I was able to help him like he was there for me. Ron.. you are in my heart and I will miss you!! I'm sorry this seemed to be the light for you at the end of your tunnel!! I hope that your reasoning for doing this has brought you to a better place for you!! I just wish you stayed positive like you always told me to do.. Years later I got what I wanted and I know mike has shown you our beautiful little boy!! Please watch over mike out in the field. You know I worry about him. He said he was going to study for the test you and I spoke about... Please help him through it and to soar! LOve you Ron. Thank you for being such a wonderful friend.. ALWAYS!! To Ron's family.. you too are in my heart and I send my deepest sympathy to you all!!! XOXO

Marc Shein said...

My deepest condolensces to the entire Lattimore family on the tragic loss of Ronald...may he RIP..memories of High School and College days..from Everett to Ronald the Lattimores were a great family.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to send my thoughts about Mr. Lattimore. Im sorry I just found out about his death. When I was in School the most happiest time was when Mr. Lattimore would substitute my class. I always looked up to him I saw as a role model. When he joined the Police Force I felt safe because Mr. Lattimore was a man I could always talked to and he never judged me. He always told me be Good. I will always have a deep love my Buddy Mr. Lattimore...Be assured thats he will be in my prayers