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Monday, March 28, 2011

Plainfield library director Da Rold receives state history issues award

Library Director Joe Da Rold and Board member Beverly Calland
at Friday's award ceremony.

Plainfield Public Library Director Joe Da Rold received the 2011 Gail F. Stern Award at Friday's 18th Annual New Jersey History Issues Convention, held at the NJ State Museum in Trenton.

The award, which recognizes outstanding achievement to New Jersey community history, honors Da Rold for his contributions to the Plainfield community through the library's emphasis on cultural diversity. These efforts have resulted also in Da Rold's having been honored in the past by the NJ Black Issues Convention and the RAICES Hispanic Cultural Association.

Named 2010 Librarian of the Year by the New Jersey Library Association, this latest award helps cap a career at the Plainfield Library which began in 1994.

Besides overseeing program and collections development as library director, Da Rold is currently working with the library's architect and contractors to complete the redesign and outfitting of the Children's Library, expected to be completed by early summer.

Joining in celebrating Da Rold's achievement at the Trenton affair were Library Board president Anne Robinson and Board members Carol Anderson and Beverly Calland.

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

And the mayor sees no benefit from the library!!

Joe, does the mayor even own a library card?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Joe. He is a huge asset to our community!


Tony Rucker said...

I met Mr. Da Rold five years ago while searching for blueprints for my house. The research files and documents that I found on my neighborhood are incredible.While that wasn't his specific responsibility he was extremely helpful. The library is an asset that if supported and leveraged can have a huge impact on young peoples lives. Councilwoman Williams and her crew deserve kudos for adopting library park and keeping it spiffy.