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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Bibi's new job: Jerry scoops Sharon, smacks Bernice for speaking the truth

Who you gonna believe, baby?
Since Jerry is -- wink, wink -- not the 'King of the Queen City' and has nothing to do with hirings, firings, or layoff hanky-panky in Plainfield, it should come as a complete bolt out of the blue that the County Manager would call Jerry to tell him that Bibi Taylor is being appointed finance director for the County of Union (see Jerry's post today here).

But was Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs left out of the loop?

Was she told and hasn't told a soul? Or wasn't she told at all? Or was she glad doesn't have to face working once more with the competent, popular and attractive Taylor, whom many suspect leaves Robinson-Briggs feeling upstaged?

Then Jerry takes a swipe at Bernice over her post today (see here) recounting some of the background of the brouhaha over Recreation and Purchasing funding and the layoff plan adopted with the current budget.

Bernice only says that two of Green's former employees came over to City Hall when Sharon became mayor.

Word in the street in Plainfield for years is that the two Bernice references were indeed 'taken care of' by Jerry and Sharon for their support of Sharon in her first run for mayor.

Word in the street also says that the Mayor's plan was to get rid of a 23-year employee so that Jerry's former aide's police job could be saved.

Jerry, you can't have it both ways.

If you want to control who gets the jobs -- whether it is City Hall, the PMUA, the school district or the Housing Authority -- you have to expect that every once in a while folks will call you out.

What's a pol to do?

Why, trot out the Richard Pryor defense: Even if caught in the act of cheating on your wife, say 'Who you gonna believe, baby? Me or your lyin' eyes?

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

Why the secrecy about who the employees are? Spell it out in simple English so we might all see who's connected and protected, all on the public dime. This city government is a private club of extreme ineptitude. And, hey, this is Sunshine Week. Even voted on by the City Council! Let it shine so we're not crawling around in the dark banging into the obstacles we vote into office.

Rob said... least now Sharon Robinson-Blame will be seated firmly alone at the bridge with no doubt who is to blame when the ship slams into the iceberg.
You who vote by party are as much to blame for this as that hot mess of a mayor or her puppet master Jerry. Live with the results of your ignorance and keep fiddling while Rome burns.

Rob said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm.....The hot mess of a mayor tried continually implying Bibi was incompetent and couldn't do the job properly..yet Union County snatches her up...Once again, guess The Cheshire Cat leading Plainfield has even less smarts than even I thought.
Don't worry, I am sure Jerry has someone who is just brainless enough to be able to work for, I mean, with Sharon.

Anonymous said...

Is this a new position at the County or is Bibi replacing someone who is retiring?

Is this a way to get Bibi "out of the way" like the Mayor wanted?

What's the real reason Bibi is being shipped off to the County?

Anonymous said...

Are you implying that Sharon is not competent, popular and attractive?

Bob said...

All I can say is, "Jerry and Sharon have to go!" Nuf said.

Anonymous said...

Shut up and leave Jerry, and take the toxic mayor with you.