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Monday, March 21, 2011

On tap tonight: Press conference, Council, Cardinals

A full bill for Plainfield tonight --

6:00 PM - Press Conference

Council President Annie McWilliams has called a press conference for 6:00 PM this evening to address the Council's continued support for Recreation and to address misinformation being spread in the community. See here Facebook post here. At City Hall Library, 515 Watchung Avenue. Parking at rear of building.

7:00 PM - Special Council Meeting

Mayor Sharon Robinson-Briggs has exercised her prerogative under the city charter to call a Special Council Meeting this evening with the subject 'emergency appropriations'. Neither the Council nor the public has been favored with any details as to the business being proposed.

8:00 PM - PHS Cardinals vs. St. Anthony's in Tournament of Champs finale

Many, many Plainfielders will be there to see the Cardinals duke it out with the country's number one ranked high school basketball team (USA Today), St. Anthony's. The game is slated for 8:00 PM at the Izod Center at the Meadowlands.

Unfortunately, those summoned at the behest of the Mayor will not be able to be present at this historic event (the last time Plainfield reached this level was a generation ago).

-- Dan Damon [follow]

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Anonymous said...

I pray Annie McWilliams takes after her father and runs for Mayor of this town. I applaud the Council's efforts to save the Rec program but I'm sorry David Wynn needs to step aside and let a committee run the program properly. He's been ripping off this town with a ridiculous salary and running a sub par program, the kids deserve BETTER!! And he uses his position for payback AGAINST the kids and other teams, locking the "other" baseball team out of the field, turning off the lights, just immature tactics from a "man" with a personal vendetta.

Anonymous said...

So the mayor calls a special meeting on a potentially historic night for Plainfield's kids. Brilliant. Will the council members have to choose between the kids, or the kids? Par for the course with her.

Bob said...

I hope our City Council will stand up to our shady mayor and if we continue to see those on the Council who constantly back the mayor, right or wrong, we'll know who to vote out next election.

Anonymous said...

Humm, thought the council president decided to call for a press conference as early as last Thursday!!!!